Japan Imperialism of other countries

In 1894 to 1910, Japan took over three foreign territories. Taiwan was taken over in 1894, Korea in 1905, and Kwantung Leased Territories in 1905 as well. Taiwan was taken over after the Sino-Japanese wars, Korea after the Russo-Japanese war, and the Kwantung Leased Territories when Japan succeeded to Russia's leases after the Russo-Japanese War. There are four different theories to explain the imperialistic expansion of Japan.

"Rising Sun Flag" was apart of the military forces of Imperial Japan and Japan's Self Defense Forces.

Hobson’s Theory: Seeking profits from overseas is partly why they wanted to take over other territories. Japan starting gaining forward more foreign loans after they took over Taiwan in 1894.

Half Korea, half Japan flag.

Lenin's Theory: Lenin thought a theory where the Japanese wanted a monopoly capital where capitalists wanted to employ surplus capital abroad to achieve higher profits than the domestic market.

News article on the taking over of Korea.

Schumpeter’s Theory: Schumpeter believed that imperialism was survival of older social structures. Japan had a feudalistic social structure with a warrior class until the downfall occurred in 1868. When they started to take over other territories, they became stronger in some people's opinion.

Upper right corner are the places Japan imperialized

Nationalism: The theory of nationalism provides the best explanations for Japan's imperialistic actions between 1894 and 1905, the best theories to understand Japan's wars are Japan's concerns for national security, its mimicry of the imperialistic behaviors of Western powers, and Japanese national characteristics.

Japanese flag.

Taking over Taiwan: Starting the invasion, there was a war between China and Japan. The fighting happened in northern China, but Japan hoped to have land in southern China, so they went for Taiwan. When the war came to and end, Japan made sure they we're getting closer to owning the island. Taiwan was under the eventual peace treaty and that Japan was. well placed militarily to occupy the island.

Island that Japan invaded.

Taking over Korea: To get Korea to officially sign Korea over the Japan took a series of skilful moves. The Japan-Korea Treaty made Korea under the power of Imperial Japan in 1905. Japan ended up assassinating people from the Korean royal family in the process. Finally, they got full power in 1910, and lost it in 1945 when Japanese were defeated in World War II.

The treaty on display.

Taking over Kwantung Leased Territories: Kwantung Leased Territory was in the southern part of the Liaodong Peninsula. After the Russo-Japan, Japan gained power in Manchuria, and they were allowed to deploy troops in the southern part of Manchuria for guarding tracks and concessions of the South Manchuria Railway. In 1931, Japan gained full power of the territory.

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