Utah 10 Facts Amaya & Kaisa

1. Utah´s capital is Salt Lake City.

2. Utah´s population is 2,855,287.
3. Utah's borders are Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.
4. Utah got its name from the Ute Indians and means ¨ people of the mountains.¨
5. Utah´s state bird is the California gull.
Utah´s state food is sugar beets and jello.
7. No one knows when the ancestors of the Numic-s peeking Utes arrived in Uta, but by 1500 Utes had spread through eastern and central, Utah and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.
8. Northern Utes lived from central Utah to western Colorado, and from southern Wyoming to northern New Mexico.
9. people have lived in Utah for thousands of years. The earliest inhabits are called the Paleo Indians. They later developed into the Fremont people and the Anasazi around 500AD. The Anasazi are also called ¨The cliff dwellers¨ because they carved large cites out of the walls of cliffs. Some of these can still be seen today. The Anasazi disappeared from the area around 1300.


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