My experience using technology in learning By Zane Ammar Aamer Grade 8

A quote by bill gates about technology in our educational life. By bill gates
A quote by John Lasseter showing how technology inspires people.

Using technology in our daily educational life is very important because fro instance typing is faster than writing and you can create extremely beautiful things using technology.

In my school life i use technology almost everyday, technology is really important in my school life for presentations, studies, and projects. I would like to show you some of the things i made in my first school semester:

This is a poster I made talking about my environmental hero/figure.
This is a poster I made talking about river pollution and how to solve it.
This is a poster i made talking about the Savanna biome and what is in the Savanna biome.
This is a poster talking about how animals in the north pole are being killed.
This is the story of the greatest mimes of all time, I made this in English class .

Now you might be wondering "where did you make these posters and projects?" well these are the apps i mostly use for making these things and use for my education:

First off we have google slides, google slides is an app that allows you to make really good presentations and posters for school.
This is google docs, google docs is an app that allows you to make documents for exams, stories, essays etc...
This is google classroom, google classroom is an app that helps you communicate with teachers about your assignments and post you assignments on.
This is Mathletics. Mathletics is an app and a website that allow you to exercise your math skills and do assignments that are requested by your math teacher
Next we have the one and only Adobe Sparks, i personally love Adobe Sparks because of how simple it is and the amazing things you can create with it such as epic videos for promoting ideas, awesome photos you can express your emotions with, and let's not forget the amazing websites you can make.

Now i want to tell you about amazing apps that you can learn from and have fun while using them.

First off we have scratch, scratch is an application that allows you to make games, and animate videos. scratch uses block codes which are prebuilt codes that don't require you to type in a code.
Have you ever wanted to take tests online? Or even make your own? Well Kahoot is the app for you, Kahoot is an app which allows you to play quizzes of other peoples creations or even make your own for other people to play .
Even though i have already mentioned mathletics i had to mention it again in this section, the reason i put mathletics again is because of the games that are about math that you can play on the App/website and learn from.
This is class dojo, class dojo is an app/website that allows students to: Communicate with teachers, do activities on, Receive feedback from teachers, and Allow parents to join in the class.
This is reading eggs, reading eggs is an App/website that trains up your reading skills and helps you build proper grammar. Reading eggs is available from ages 3-13 so if you are in that age timeline go check it out i guarantee you will have fun

Now for the final topic i am going to talk about website making websites and why i favor adobe sparks

There are many website designing websites in the whole internet Such as Wix, Weebly, And Adobe Sparks. The main reason i favor Adobe sparks is because of how easy and simple it is, you can create your own videos for teaching, promoting an idea, general knowledge, create your own posters for educational reasons such as wise quotes, And most importantly is the website builder. Adobe sparks is the full package for you to become a website designer.

I hope you enjoyed my website about technology in our education life, and I hope you learned a lot and that you would try these apps/websites to support the developers and make your school a more technological place.

Thank you and i will hopefully see you next time bye!


Created with images by vernieman - "Another qlamazing creative tool - Adobe Spark that's made for the social era. Automatically publish optimised designs across multiple mobile and web platforms. Sweet! #adobemax @adobemax #TeamMindblow"

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