Hecate By jovanna

Hecate was known as the goddess of magic and witch craft she was always seen holding a torch or a key.
Hecate was strongly worshiped in Thrace she was very closed to the spiritual world ghost and the dead.

she was honored in many homes as the goddess who protected and brought prosperity. she was seen or was placed at the entrances of many homes or even cities hoping she would protect them from the evil spirits that would roam the world.

Hecate went on a quest with Demeter to her find her daughter Persephone who was taken by Hades god of the underworld it was decided for Persephone to live a third of the year in the underworld and the rest on earth, Hecate then became Persephone companion to and from the earth to the underworld.

Hecate was a very powerful goddess and seemed willing but i still do not know her exact traits.

sources- http://www.greekmythology.com/Other_Gods/Hecate/hecate.html


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