The Telegraph By Angie jeffery

The telegraph was the most significant change in the 1800's because people it enabled people to communicate instantly, made communication easier, and helped increase westward expansion.

One reason the the telegraph was the most significant change in the 1800's is because it helped people communicate faster. "After the telegraph cable was stretched from coast to coast in the 1850s, a message from London to New York could be sent in mere minutes"

Another reason the telegraph was an important change during the 1800's is because it made communication much easier "the Morse Code became adopted along with the electric telegraph. Short impulses are known as dots and longer impulses as dashes. Messages are sent by varying the dots and dashes in a mutually understood code. For example, the letter “A” is represented by a single dot and a single dash. A short pause is used between letters and a longer pause between words. By 1838, Morse could send ten words a minute using his code. His code was quickly and widely adopted for telegraph communications."

one of the biggest reasons the telegraph was the most important invention of the 1800's is because it increased westward expansion. "The telegraph helped in many ways in Westward Expansion. It told reports of the weather. The telegraph went on to be used in the 1900’s. The rail road system used the telegraph to get more efficient transportation news. Newspaper reporters used the telegraph to send articles to their newspapers." along with this "ordinary people used it to send important messages to loved ones as they traveled far from home in the decades of America's busiest western expansion."

The telegraph was introduced between the 1830's and 1840's by Samuel Morse.

During this time there were many other invention being created such as the battery, and the connection between electricity and magnetism.

The telegraph did not effect one part of the country more than the other because once the telegraph cable was set up people could instantly communicate to and from all over the country.

The invention of the telegraph increased westward expansion by helping people people moving out west communicate faster and easier.

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