America's Founding The way that America became what it is today.

America started after the first successful colony named Jamestown. There was lots of work, man hours, and time put into building Jamestown, but it paid off. John Smith made the no work no eat policy at Jamestown after the men were just going off and giving up.

In 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed. It was a document declaring independence from England. All 13 colonies signed the document except for New York.

In 1789 George Washington became America's first president. He became a target for both Democratic Republican's and federalist's because he was neutral and did not support either political party. The main reason that George Washington was elected first president because he had experience with war and being a general.

The area that Lewis and Clark explored.

Lewis and Clark explored the new land we had bought in the Louisiana purchase in 1803. We had bought the Louisiana purchase for $15,000,000 which doubled our country's size.

The war of 1812 is know as the forgotten war, many people forgot about this war or just didn't learn about it even though it did a lot for our country. For instance, it got England to stop Capturing American trade ships and enslaving them. Although the war wasn't that devastating it could have been easily avoided if we just had PHONES! England sent a letter to not go to war but it did not arrive in time so we fought an entire war for no reason. We also unnecessarily fought the last battle of the war because the same thing had happened but with the Treaty of Ghent.

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