Jupiter OUTER planet

The diameter or size of the planet - Jupiter's diameter is 88,846 miles (142,984 Km)

this is Jupiter

The period or rotation and revolution - Jupiter rotation takes 11.86 earth years and it is a year to Jupiter.

This is all the planet's

Origin of the planet’s name -Ruler of the Ancient Roman gods and the god name was Zeus.

This is Jupiter in space

Average surface temperature or range of temperature - The average temperature of Jupiter is 45,000 degrees.

This is Jupiter and two other plants

4 Interesting Facts about Jupiter -

1.Jupiter has the largest magnetic field of all plants.

This is the plants in the solar system

2.Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the solar solar system.

The sun shining on Jupiter

3. NASA launched a solar power space probe Juno to Jupiter on august 11, 2011.

This is a probe

4.Jupiter mass is 318 times as greater than earth’s mass.

This is showing how far the plants are from the sun
This is earth the planet that we live on


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