Rookie Love written by: zoe a. leyendecker

“BEEP BEEP BEEP”. Sally hit the alarm off and looked at the time. It was 5 am and sally woke up with a smile. Sally brushed her teeth, took a shower, combed her hair, put a blue Sundays dress on and went downstairs to go eat breakfast. Sally's mom was downstairs with a plate of eggs,bacon, and a biscuit with a cup of orange juice. Sally kissed her mom on the forehead and thanked her. When she finished eating, sally drove to the one place she loved the most, her job..

Sally is a private detective and has been working for about 2 years, and she has always loved her job so. The smile she wakes up with everyday is knowing she gets to go to work. Sally is a well known detective in her agency. People who work with her know her as the “Rookie Goat”. Sally has solved many cases in comparison with others with more experience. She is 24 years old and is a girl no one could ever hate. She had short brown hair, she always wore dresses no matter the occasion or weather, she was kind, funny, extremely smart, and she always had that little sparkle in her. She loved herself so much and was glad she was raised with such a family to care for her and how they raised her to become who she is now. Her family meant everything to her and she adored them so much. Sally was always happy with who she is but she always had that little gloom with her at times. Sally hated being lonely and not having someone to love her besides her family and friends. Many people have come up to her and wanted to hang out with her but she always denied and wanted to wait for the right guy who will make her heart beat fast, her cheeks blush, and her eyes to gaze over him while he smiles at her. She hated the fact that she hadn’t met the one but she knows she will one day.

When sally arrived at work, her boss rapidly came up to her. “Sally my dear, I have a new case that you may be interested in.” Sally didn’t even wait to hear what the case was about and immediately said yes. Her boss thanked her and passed her the folder to the case. Sally walked to her office and greeted everyone who she passed by. When she got to her office, she opened the folder and read the case. The case was of a doctor giving a patient the wrong medication causing death, and they don’t know if it was purposely or just an accident. Sally read more details about the case and soon got interested in it. When she was done reading, she thought of asking the family members of the patients a few question. She got up and opened the door to see a man standing in front of her door. Her heart stopped beating and her face felt hot. The man had brown hair and was tall and muscular. He had these green and blues that made his eyes sparkle. Sally stared and couldn’t get her eyes off of him. “Ummm hi I‘m josh, ummm you’re boss wanted me to tell you that he wanted us to work on the case together.. Oh and I’m kinda new to this so he wanted me to learn from what he says, the best so, I guess that is you.” said Josh. Sally had her eyes glued to him and didn’t say a word. He waved his hand around her face and she snapped out of it. “Josh! Well yea I guess I am the best ahahha i’m not bloating either but if that’s what the boss said I mean I guess so.” Sally’s face was as red as an apple and she had this feeling that she had never felt before. “F-f-follow me Josh, we should get going then”, said sally. Josh nodded his head and followed Sally to her car. The drive was silent and no one spoke. Josh kept looking at Sally like he had to ask her something but he hesitated. Sally was focused and kept thinking about the feeling she had when she first saw Josh. When they arrived at the patient's house, Sally stayed in the car to tell Josh the details. Josh looked confused on what he had to say or do but he agreed that he understood. Sally met the family of the patient and asked if they knew the doctor in any way and she asked similar questions as well. Josh just stood by and kinda gazed on sally’s beauty. He wasn’t sure how he felt but he knew he had this feeling as soon as he met her. When they finished finding more details, josh learned a few things along the way about the case, and a few things about sally. Sally smiled and felt confident about this case. Josh looked at her while she smiled and made eye contact. They just stared for minutes and they both ended up laughing. They went to go eat after and worked on the case. Josh got the hang of being a detective after sally told him the basics. They laugh and giggled and in an instant, became friends.

The next day, they arrived at work and Josh had bought her a coffee. “You didn’t have to josh but really..thank you so much.” sally said with a smile. “Anything to see your smile sally”, said josh. Sally gazed at him and they just stared and laughed. They got to work quickly and wanted to ask the hospital some question. Josh was interested in this case so he asked questions as well. “Well it looks like someone was up studying on this” said sally. Josh giggled and he agreed that this job was kinda fun. In the end of the day, they found out that the doctors ex-wife's new husband was the patient. Everyone in the hospital noticed his change in personality when he found out his ex-wife was remarried. Josh and Sally found out so much about the case and realized how much faster it is to work in partners. When they got back to work, sally said she was going home to rest. “Oh wait sally! Um i was wondering if you wanted to go out and on a date or something” josh said as he blushed. Sally smiled and nodded her head happily “I would love that Josh, goodnight.” josh smiled and headed home.

the doctor who gave the wrong medication
both detectives were crushing:)

The next morning they arrived to the court and stated the facts to the lawyer. The court took progress and took 4 hours. Question and more questions were being asked. In the end, they found the doctor guilty for purposely giving the wrong medication to the patient who was the doctor’s ex-wives husband. After the court josh and sally celebrated with their dinner date. Sally and josh soon confessed how they felt about each other and they blushed and laughed all night. They decided to walk home and talk. They arrived to Sally’s house and they stood looking at each other. “ I had such a great time sally. You’re such a great detective as well. I’m honestly grateful for being partnered with you.”said josh. “Oh Josh how thankful i am that they partnered with you. Thank you much and thank you for this night. We couldn't have finished this case any quicker if it was just myself to be honest.” sally said. They gazed at each other and josh went in for the kiss. Sally's heart fluttered and she smiled. Josh knew exactly how he felt about Sally and Sally knew exactly how she felt about josh. From then on, josh and sally have been partners, both in agency and in relationship wise.

Created By
Zoe Leyendecker


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