The Cultivating Coyotes Canyon Ranch Elementary Gardens: January 2020

Coyote Garden Preparations

We have upgraded from dirt to true soil over the Winter Break! In case you weren't aware, what was inside our garden beds wasn't very plant friendly. Soil analysis was done in August showing that we had very poor soil lacking some key ingredients like nitrogen. Through our district garden grant, we are able to have access to Larry Thompson's expertise. Larry is a Texas Master Gardener who is helping us to get our gardens off to the best start possible. Below you will see just a fraction of the work he has done to help us. While we were away, Larry amended our garden beds with organic soil, compost, manure, and organic fertilizers. Thanks Larry!

Before and After

Composting at CRE

We now have Shepherd composting bins to help us begin composting. These bins will help us recycle organic material into rich additions for the soil in our raised garden beds. Larry Thompson is a composting guru and will be helping to teach our third graders who are in DREAMS Lab gardening team time more about the process.

Our garden compost bins are located outside near the garden by the Orange House doors.

If you have any additions we could use for our composting bins please send them down to the DREAMS Lab in a sealed bag. We could use items like fallen leaves from your lawn or egg shells from your kitchen.

Canyon ranch garden committee

We officially have a CRE garden committee with representatives from each house and other areas of our staff. A committee is so important especially in these early stages of bringing our gardens to life! It takes a lot of work and love to make something grow, and this garden is for everyone at Canyon Ranch. The purpose of these gardens is for our learners to have meaningful learning experiences with connections to what you all are doing in the classroom. Also, our gardens will provide our learners with some true life skills, and perhaps even a future joyful hobby or inspired career. Plus, it just brings an element of HOME to our building that is going to be special to have!

Thank you to these ladies below for volunteering to be a part of our committee. We will be meeting for the first time this January as a committee to share ideas, goals, and expectations for our garden. Committee members will help to promote the gardens in their houses.

Team Time gardening

Our learners who chose DREAMS Lab for their Spring Team Time selection will be working in our gardens. I'm really excited about having a dedicated time for our K-5 learners to be involved in our gardens and essentially become our in-school "gardening club". We will be working through activities from the Junior Master Gardener Program that will build on horticultural and environmental science education along with working in our raised garden beds to grow veggies and even some flowers.

Although we will have this dedicated team time to work in our gardens, we want EVERYONE to play a part in our gardens. If you don't know where to start, be sure to reach out to one of us on the garden committee and we will try to guide you in the right direction!

we need your help!

If you have any donations or old gardening supplies you would like to give for our gardens drop them by the DREAMS Lab and I'll be sure to find a home/purpose for them!

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