The Negative side social media Eric turman

With today's technology, almost everyone has immediate access to social media on a daily basis

The millennial generation has grown up at the same time that social media was being created, and that means that there may not be an awareness of the dangers of social media abuse.

Social media can overwhelm and distract its users very quickly and easily
Often times social media can be the cause of depression and anxiety in users when it is abused. This abuse can be in the form of placing one's identity in it, looking for validation, or by believing what others may write about you.
When people begin to look for their identity in their social media accounts they open the door for anxiety and depression to affect their lives

Social media does not have to be a bad thing, there are many positive ways for users to participate in it without allowing it to be a source of pain. There must be a safe balance of social media use, therefore, I propose limiting social media use to 5% of a week.

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