language writing assignment Cesar Rios

lesson 1

Typing with the keyboard covered is difficult because you don't remember which key it is that you are going to type. For me it was hard I only knew some

lesson 2

appearance will make you look like a positive person. And to be a good employee you need good listening skills because it shows if your are good listener. Being cooperative with other people is good because your not scared to talk to other people.

lesson 3

There are parts of URL there's the website part. There also is the http part and it stands for hyper text transfer protocol. There is the host name its the name of the website.

lesson 4

A URL extension if the .com part and the net. www means world wide web and com means commercial. And net means network.

lesson 5

The top 3 classes that are easy to take notes on is history because its basically on taking notes and remembering things like dates and events. the second class that's easy to take notes on is math because math is simple and taking notes is easy as well because its just numbers. and finally the easy class to take notes on is

lesson 6

it is important to get the best grades ad to try everyday because it lets other people know that you try hard. And if you play sports and you have a low it is bad because with low grades they wont let you play. grades are important as well because it will help you.

lesson 7

the difficult keyboards for me is H because I cant remember where that letter is. there is more

lesson 8

it is important to capitalize in syntax because if you didn't it would be an error. and also because it is part of coding. un capitalized words wouldn't be recognized.

lesson 9

the hardest part for me was 19 which is math. I had a hard time with that part. I didn't even know what to do I was lost on that part.

lesson 10

lesson 11

there are things that can be copyrighted and some that cannot. like music can be copyrighted and games to. but things that cannot be is government files. ideas cannot be copied and have credit for it.

lesson 12

lesson 13

correction marks mean that you have inserted an unknown word or a misspelled word. the reason for that is to make sure what your mistake was and to correct it next time. also it's for to see if you can spell good.

lesson 14

the purpose of a cover letter is to apply to a job. or either for a resume. and also the other purpose for a cover letter is to introduce your self as a person or a job. there many purposes on for why is the purpose for writing a cover letter.

lesson 15

the purpose on for writing a resume it is to apply for a job. also for showing your skills as a person which makes you hired for a job depending what your skills are. and also to get the readers interested in you.

lesson 16

writing a cover letter is very important because it helps you with writing resumes and for applying with jobs. cover letters is like writing a proper letter to someone.

lesson 17

lesson 18

teenage alcohol report is about for parents to make sure that their kids wont start doing alcohol. And that alcohol can be very bad for them and that it can even cause death. and for what they should do if they do start drinking.

lesson 19

MS word has styles and themes so the letter you are trying to write will look fancy or goofy or anything you want it to be. the theme is to make it look cool or smart. styles and themes are for whatever you want on your letter.

lesson 20

the difference between excel and word is that excel is graphed and word can be used for a letter and excel you cannot type a letter only making charts. Excel is very different from word by the structure. and word you can make letters and research. autosum is on excel you use it to add up any numbers you have highlighted and want to add so it adds it up for you.

lesson 21

There a lot of purposes for a chart it can be used for business as in if they're going up or down. Charts can keep track of date, time, percentage, and ages charts can be used for many ways Charts can be for school charts and business charts and there are a lot of type of charts.

lesson 22

Adding pictures to power point would be helpful by giving a visualization of a object you're talking about. And so the reader wouldn't get bored of your power point of just thinking its a power point with only words and no pictures.

Lesson 23

My personal History is important because if I accomplish something big people will know who I am. And also because so I can keep track in what I do with my life. My personal history is important because its my history not any other strangers.

Lesson 24

transitions is a role when you go to the next slide and makes a cool shape out of the slide as you enter the slide. Transitions makes the slide look cool as you flip into it. Different slides can have different transitions.


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