Your KP Affiliate Link March 2018 Updates Your connection to Kaiser Permanente Colorado

This communication is for anyone who uses Affiliate Link to process referrals, view clinical information, or check patient benefits. It provides a synopsis of the primary enhancements the Affiliate Link team believes are the most beneficial to you.

Springtime in Colorado - each spring is a time of renewal. If we open our eyes and simply enjoy what is before us we see that nature has used a different palette to paint familiar landscapes . The same is true for Affiliate Link. On March 10th, your Affiliate Link screens will have a different, fresher look. Plus, you will discover new functionality that makes searching and viewing patient information easier.

Affiliate Link has a new look and feel

New Look and Feel + Quicker Ways to Find and View Patient Information

The following is the list of topics presented in this communication:

  • Screens have a new "Look and Feel."
  • Opening and Searching Patient Charts becomes easier, much easier.
  • In Basket Toolbar buttons rearranged for better efficiency.
  • Sending Questions to the Affiliate Link team

Screens have a new "Look and Feel"

A lighter color scheme provides a fresh look which makes text easier to read.

One example of how Affiliate Link's new color scheme makes it easier to read information.

Affiliate Link's new color scheme is designed to help find commands and viewing information easier. You will notice a couple of other helpful visual improvements with this release too. The first one is on the patient header. It will display a photo of the patient if that individual has a photo loaded into HealthConnect.

A patient's picture appears on the header if the patient has a picture loaded in HealthConnect.

The next visual enhancement impacts the Patient Snapshot report. On March 10th, the Patient Snapshot report layout and section indicators are updated to a more modern look where the sections are identifiable by color and distinct icons.

The Patient Snapshots new look includes vertical color banners, section titles that match banner colors, and easy identifiable icons.

Opening and Searching Patient Charts becomes easier, much easier.

Two new Affiliate Link enhancements are here to save you time and lessen frustration.

The first enhancement involves the Upcoming Appointment - My Patient activity under Scheduling. Patient names now appear as links users can click to open the SnapShot activity (new look described earlier) in that patient's chart.

The new Upcoming Appointments - My Patients screen allows you to quickly open a patient's chart.

Now that the chart is open you are able to use perhaps the most powerful function to be added to Affiliate Link in years: Chart Search. Many providers say it is the Google search for chart information. Instead of manually looking through a patient's chart you enter keywords (search terms) into Chart Search to find what you need. To begin any search, you click in the Chart Search field, and then enter a search term. You can use ‘type ahead’ to enter a search term. You can copy and paste a term too.

*Chart Search is located toward the upper-right hand corner of Chart Review.

To use Chart Search:

  1. Open the patient's chart.
  2. Navigate to Chart Review.
  3. Click the *Chart Search field.
  4. Type in a search term. (ex. lipid)
  5. Press Enter -if the correct term appears in the field.
  6. (Alternative: If the Chart Review field displays more than one option you may click on the desired option to search for that term.)

The Chart Search query results are displayed within the Chart Review>Search Chart screen.

Chart Search query results are display in reverse chronological order on the Chart Review>Search Chart screen.

Additional Chart Search Functionality: 1) Filtering Results, and 2) See more detail.

Filtering Results: After Chart Search displays the query returns that match the entered search criteria, those results can be filtered by using the filters (ex: Notes, Labs, Imaging) on the Filter Bar (shown below). You can always go back to seeing all returns too. Just click the All button.

Each filter displays the number of query returns associated to a specific category, such as Notes (56), Labs (3), and Meds (3).

See more details: To see more detail on a specific Chart Search query return, click its listing. The list of query returns moves over to the right side of the screen and the detailed information appears in the main viewing area.

The Chart Review>Search Results screen displaying a single chart item's details in the main display area. All results are displayed on the right. Clicking a chart item there replaces the current displayed chart item.

Note: You may use Chart Search as many times as needed within a patient chart.

In Basket Toolbar buttons rearranged for better efficiency.

We heard you. We acted. We delivered.

To improve efficiencies, we moved the most commonly used My In Basket action buttons. The Forward and Done buttons now appear after New Msg (message) and Refresh. We removed the Reply button because it is not used by Network providers.

The My In Basket action button bar as it appears after the efficiencies rearrangement.

Sending Questions to the Affiliate Link Team

Remember you can send a HelpDesk question to the Affiliate Link team.

You don't need to enter an IT ticket. You can use send an In Basket 'HelpDesk' message directly to the Affiliate Link admin team. This message is to be used for non-urgent requests, questions, or problems. For urgent requests, please call (Toll Free): 1-866-866-3951

To send a HelpDesk message to the Affiliate Link Admin team:

  1. Open the Affiliate Link In Basket.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow affixed to the New Message button.
  3. Click the HelpDesk option.
  4. Enter a Subject Line.
  5. (Optional) If the inquiry is associated to a patient use the search function to find the patient's name.
  6. (Optional) If you want an Affiliate Link Admin to contact you via phone, enter the phone number you wish to be contacted at, and then check the Call Me box.
  7. Provide an answer to the first two questions presented in the Note box.
  8. Describe the issue and provide relevant details within the spaced provided after the next two questions.
  9. Click Send Message.

Thank you!

Thank you for being a member of the Network Provider Network and using Affiliate Link.

The Affiliate Link team and your Provider Relationship consultants believe the enhanced functionality provided by the 'New' Affiliate Link allows you to do more in less time. Let us know what you think.

If you have questions regarding this communication or the tasks you can perform with Affiliation Link, contact your Provider Relations consultant by calling (toll free) 1-866-866-3951, and then selecting one of the following options:

  • Option 1: Hospital, Ancillary, Behavioral Health, DME, SNF
  • Option 2: Physician-based (Denver/Boulder)
  • Option 3: Physician-based (Northern Colorado)
  • Option 4: Physician-based (Southern Colorado)
  • Option 5: Physician-based (Mountain Colorado)

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