Theodore Roosevelt By CalVin naftzger

He was born in New York City in 1885 to Martha Bulloch and Theodore Sr., his father who was a business man was a good father and quite hard on him

He was born with asthma and other minor health complications, so his father forced him to run and even lift weights which was unheard of at the time. This was one of the factors that sculpted Roosevelt into the strong adult he became.
This was rooselvelts first wife she was a high class socialite, but she died less than two days after giving birth to their child. Roosevelt's mother died the same day just 11 hours earlier and this all happened on Valentine's Day. After this Roosevelt was devastated but remained strong he gave his kid to his sister until she was 3 and focused on work.
The naval war of 1812 is a book written by Roosevelt about naval strategies through history. This was Roosevelt's very first book and it influence the current military operations in some ways.
This book later gets Roosevelt appointed as assistant secretary to the navy, where his is basically in control of e navy. Although he soon resigns so that he can head a new volunteer Calvary unit in Cuba called the ruff riders and he is on the front lines of many assaults including the battle of San Juan hill.
After this Calvary unit has done its job he takes a few other jobs, one as the president of the board of the New York City police commission and also as governor of New York. He uses both of these positions to fight the corruption of the city.
President becomes Vice President along with McKinley in 1897, but McKinley is assasinated in 1901 on September 6th and Roosevelt takes charge.
As predent, he made good on his promise of a "square deal" and fought a lot of corruption. He started the national park service and the FDA.
After rooselvelts term he picks Taft to be his successor, and goes on a safari where he kills 11,000 animals for the smithsonian instutute.
When Roosevelt returns he does not agree with Taft and creates the bull moose party and runs for president but he loses.
He then goes on another safari but this time in South America, this is his last major feat. He dies on January 6, 1919 of cardiovascular desease.
Created By
Calvin Naftzger


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