Japan Project By; evelyne aviles

Feudalism is a political system that gives people a place in society. The feudal system is based on a fair exchange between rankings. Feudalism made all the ranks help each other out and give them something in return for what they did for them.

feudal pyramid

For example, the Samurai would provide protection for the Shogun and his people, and in return the shogun would reward them with land. Feudalism helped keep order in society by making it fair for all people. Without Feudalism, society would have many revolts and rebellions because it would't be fair for all ranks. This system is most likely to last because it made all people feel secure and fair.

The Samurai were powerful, well trained warriors in Japan. They were led by a shogun that rewarded the Samurai with positions in the government or land grants. The samurai had to follow the code of Bushido that made them honest, fair, fearless, and most importantly loyal to his shogun and lord.


Samurais helped keep structure in society by providing protection for all people in exchange for food and land grants. This created order and made everyone in Japan feel safe from enemies. Without Samurais, society would of been under attack or conquered by other rules/enemies. This made Feudal Japan last for a long time with the help of the Samurai.

The religion in Japan Buddhism, was practiced by most people. There was two forms of Buddhism, Amida and Zen. The Samurai in Feudal Japan were drawn to both forms of Buddhism. In Amida Buddhism, people can reach paradise by relying on the mercy of Amida Buddha. While in Zen Buddhism you will reach enlightenment through meditation.

Amida and Zen Buddism

This religion in Japan helped keep structure in society by uniting people and creating peace. This created an orderly and a united society. Without these two forms of Buddhism in Japan, people wouldn't know to how live their lives correctly or worship to reach paradise peacefully.

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