Workshop Proposal CARLOS PALLERO

Workshops for high school students


5 Hacks to speed up the Learning Process

A seminar centered on the process of metacognition to recognize the most simple and effective paths to learning. One of the keys of the best students is the high knowledge of their strengths to achieve a high performance in any facet of life.


The 3 minds of the entrepreneur

A workshop with eminently practical methodology to know an unique approach to competency building originated and developed by Robert Dilts. Students will practically experience the 5 Keys to Successful Entrepreneurs to become aware of their current situation and chart their own path from responsibility and commitment.


The bridge to University Studies

This seminar is geared towards students interested in studying more effectively with better results and less time. The goal of this seminar is to facilitate the adaptation of students to the learning style at the university and avoid academic confusion and frustration. The program will help you develop effective learning capabilities, techniques and strategies.


Keys to achieving personal and educational excellence

NLP presents a model for educational success. After studying and analyzing the common patterns of the most effective students on the planet, NLP presents a model of 10 indispensable tools for student success. Know the fundamental and indispensable keys that will lead you to create the life you want to live


Fostering the best of you

Discover your educational strengths to be the fulcrum of all your achievements. All people are born with 8 different intelligences and life is a process to empower each one of them


Leading with emotions

Traditionally leadership is associated with intelligence, toughness, determination, and vision. Even though these are all important qualities, recent studies suggest that these are not enough. In today ́s ever evolving and interconnected world, truly effective leaders are distinguished by a high degree of emotional intelligence, which includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill.

Through Emotional Intelligence, you will develop the ability to recognize and monitor your own emotions and those of others and use this information to guide thinking, behavior and action.

workshops for University Students


Keys to Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

Effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life, both personal and professional. In order to better this skill it is fundamental to be aware of our verbal and non-verbal communication. This seminar will help you gain confidence and tools to communicate more effectively. These tools will help you both on a personal and a professional level. Persuasion skills will help you find the win- win situation.


Beyond Team Building

A crisis scenario may be the perfect opportunity to evolve and go beyond experience. By learning the basics of generative change we are able of making our mental maps stronger and more flexible in order to overcome our limitations. Awaken the latent resources of your team through the creation of a new common consciousness where the ego (I) is substituted for the group (US).



The difference that makes the difference in education.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful tool for educational change as it transforms our way of thinking and behaving at a personal and educational level to optimize student’s performance and the relationships that occur in the field of education. NLP is a methodology that help us to understand the brain processes that determine our behavior, which led to education would give us necessary information, as well as tools and resources, to foster the best of each student.


The keys of the accompaniment to students

Educational Coaching is a process of supporting people and teams to be the best they can become. It requires taking out the strengths of people, supporting them to overcome their personal barriers and limitations in order to reach the maximum performance of their abilities, and to enable them to function more effectively as members of a team.


How to promote individual and team talent

To accompany is to be close, ready to listen, with the calm that gives the understanding. Sometimes saying and, most of the time, in silence. For some time we have been immersed in a new educational paradigm that advocates learning rather than teaching. The new digital age is a great opportunity to bring knowledge to our students in an easy, simple and attractive way.



Emotions in the service of learning

Emotional intelligence is the science of dealing with us and dealing with others based on the recognition, acceptance and management of our emotions and those of others, our feelings and the feelings of others and our mood and everyone's mood.


How to train and develop the 8 intelligences

All human beings have 8 different types of intelligence and in all of them we can reach an adequate level of competence. It is a matter of observing, verifying, exercising and working systematically in each and every one of them. A practical seminar to apply Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences in educational settings.


How to provoke, visualize and measure thinking in the classroom

One of the seven key competencies and sure path to guarantee the learning needed for a lifetime and to be prepared for the changes that will be demanded in the personal as well as the social and the professional environments. Wanting, knowing and being able to learn is a sure guarantee of success and happiness.


Alternative methodologies and technology

Change is characteristic of our reality hence it is necessary to prepare to adjust to the demands of a life that walks at its pace without waiting for anyone. Globalization and technological advances demand continuous learning and reinvent oneself in the face of each challenge, so that a series of tools and instruments will be needed to guarantee self-management in any existential environment.

Executive Education


Skills for success

Today the change has become even more constant in our lives. This is also in the business. Being able to maintain peace and live with uncertainty are two key skills both individually and as a team. If fear is contagious, serenity too. In today society change is a constant in our lives. This is also the case in business. Being able to maintain your calmness and live with uncertainty are two essential skills that you will need to succeed. Fear can definitely be contagious, so can serenity.

Learn to manage change from the inside out and see how the results grow around you.


Transform vision into action

Have you ever wondered what makes a person stand out from another person? How come one lawyer is able to win many more legal cases than another lawyer? What makes a salesperson more successful than another? How come one teacher is able to inspire its students to grow and learn and another one does not? The science behind analyzing excellence is called NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Learn about NLP and find out how you can apply it to your own personal and professional development.


Selling is a human process

Increase your numbers by connecting with the authentic needs of your customers.

In a successful selling process, the seller is the variable that most influences, above the product or the price. Discover the most innovative and effective techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) through empathic sales: discover what the real needs of the client are, so that we can offer something that satisfies them and thus transform the opportunities into sales .


Awaking your team

In an increasingly changing business landscape, managers who master the latest management techniques will be giving their company an important sale. A manager with coaching knowledge will be able to turn his employees into a high performance team, through an inspiring vision, clear goals and a leadership style in personal responsibility.


Make emotions work for goals

The demands of today's job market require advanced leadership models. Being an expert in a field does not guarantee efficient team management Studies show that Emotional Intelligence accounts for up to 30% of an organization's goals.

With this course you can manage your emotions and those of your team to boost joint talents and generate new productive synergies.


Imagineering the future

The three fundamental keys to motivate the people of our environment are: to empower their autonomy to develop the work in their own style, to favor the mastery in the field that works and to share a common purpose. Learn to develop the creativity of the people you work with through the structures used by experts in this field


Professor at IE University, where he teaches subjects for personal and professional development from NLP and Emotional Intelligence. Teacher, Educational Coach, Educational Psychologist and Master Trainer in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Founder and director of Mente Colectiva, a pioneering educational advisory in the implantation of innovative and creative programs of neuro-learning in schools internationally.

In the business field, he has designed training programs for companies such as Vodafone, Eulen, Springfield, Abvvie, Fundación Real Madrid.

In the field of NLP has formed with Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the creators of NLP, although he is affectionately and professionally considered as an apprentice to Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier, maximum promoters of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He is an Associate Professor of NLP University of California, obtaining the first worldwide affiliation to give the official NLPU degrees in the field of education. He is a full member of the Spanish NLP Association and the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community.


Carlos Pallero

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