Regionals and State 2015 Michael S.

Two periods I’ve wrestled so far and let me tell you, this match was one that I’d never forget. I was in the match that decided who was going to state. My opponent was from Marshall. A 5th place state placewinner. On the other hand, I had been wrestling six years, was eligible for regionals 4 years, and the highest I had never got close to making it to state. He definitely was a very good wrestler, But so was I. I knew from the start that this match was going to be one I had to earn.

Third Period and I held the lead at 8-4. He chose bottom and I covered.

“Bottom man set?” the ref asked him, and my opponent responded. “Top man on.

Ready? Wrestle!”

I executed in a ride called the Spiral Ride.

“Run it Michael! Run it!” Shouted my wrestling coach, Chad.

I reached my left arm towards his lower thigh,made a club-like fist and sort of pulled the club towards me. At the same time, with my left arm, I went under his left arm and chopped it out causing him to lay flat on the mat. My goal was to just ride him out for the remainder of the time. He tried to work his way back up to his base by pushing his arms off the mat but it wasn't enough. I acted like I was trying to turn him but all I really was trying to do was waste time.

I could taste the tablespoon of blood in mouth that slithered around in my jaws. I could feel the chunks of flesh from my lips on my teeth. My left thumb ached in swollen pain after being hyperextended and strained in the first match. But I didn’t care. I just wanted to win the match. Every champion goes through pain.

Every champion has to fight.

Every champion must believe.

I glanced at the scoreboard for a quick second and the clock read :24 seconds. Tears started to run down his face and I knew I had him mentally beaten. I then put a move called the “Half Nelson” in but he was still in his base. With :3 seconds left, I stood up keeping my hands on his back to let time run out. My family and friends slowly started to run on the mat. My opponent sort of reached out his dead fish-like hand and I grasped my hand around his and shook it. Then the ref raised my winning arm into the air with triumph. And that’s when I felt it, a salty, wet, sweaty, tear slowly wash down my face followed by another one, then another one, and then I started to cry.

I could see tears running down just about everyone’s face who was watching my match. Evening my best friends were tearing up. My Grandma and Mom were balling off to the side because they were so proud of me. In fact, I knew that everyone was proud of me that was watching me was greatly proud of me, especially my dad and coach. But not only were they proud of me, I was the most proudest of myself.

We eventually walked over to the awards and one of the workers handed me my medal and the top 4 wrestlers from my bracket took their place on the podium. Eventually, I came down after all the moms were done taking pictures. I took pictures with a whole bunch of people and gave a lot of hugs to people that had supported me. I was searching in the crowd for him and then I saw him, my practice partner, but not only that, more than just a practice partner. I jogged towards him and put my hand on his shoulder. He turned around and smiled.

“Dude! This is crazy! We’re both going to state, together!” I said in excitement.

“I know, this is awesome!” said John.

Me and John

The moments that occurred March 21, 2015, were truly unforgettable. It comes to show that no matter how long it takes, if you give it 110 percent through that time, it will eventually pay off. I learned this valuable lesson through the greatest sport I have ever done. I eventually went to state a week later and placed fifth which was another big accomplishment. But most importantly, I learned this valuable lesson during the greatest time of my life. Now all I need to do, is take another trip to Madison and become a state champion.

At state I got 5th. My goal is to be a state champion.

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