What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentists focus on the care of children and teenagers' oral health. They provide diagnosis on patients' problems as well as treatment options that aid in fixing them.

Salary : $215,953

How to become a PEDIATRIC dentist

  1. Obtain a bachelors degree in biology (or any science related major)
  2. Take the Dental Acceptance Test (DAT)
  3. Attend dental school in order to obtain a Doctor of Dental Surgery/Medicine
  4. Complete a 2 year residency
  5. Get license after taking a written and practical exam

Where I'll Be

Portland, OR
If I decide to attend Oregon Health & Science University for dental school, I'll be living off campus in Portland.
Seattle, WA
If I can get into my first choice dental school, University of Washington, I'll be living in the city of Seattle.

who i'll be working for

Pacific Dental has over 500 offices spread throughout 17 states. I'll be working in one of their Seattle or Portland offices.

Pacific Dental hires year round based on the availability in their offices. In order to apply, you need to have your dental license to show that you have the proper education as well as the knowledge to become a dentist for them.

why i want to be a pediatric dentist

Pediatric dentistry has always fascinated me. I think having the responsibilities of fixing children's mouth to prepare them for their future is exciting. Ever since I had to wear braces in the third grade, I knew I wanted to pursue a career relating to teeth. It was very interesting to me to see how with the help of a few wires and brackets, braces could change a child’s life. Getting to experience this myself after going through two rounds of braces has created a personal connection to teeth and how important they are. As a pediatric dentist you get to fix problems that children are having and you’re ensuring that they have a good future for their oral health as adults. After going through 10 years of extensive schooling, I should be prepared to be a dentist myself.

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