Playing guitar is a fun activity you can do on cloudy days inside but, there is certain things you need to play guitar and different requirements.

Picks,Capo’s ,GUITARS

You must need certain things to have or play a guitaFirst, of all ,you need a guitar fitted for your size, ages 5-8 you probably need a 1 by 3 foot guitar if you are ages 10-13 you need a 2 by 4 foot guitar, if you are any older than that you will need the full size guitar, which is 21/2 41/2.

This is what a full size guitar looks like on a 4 year old!

There are some music that require a capo, (a capo is a clamp that you squeeze behind any fret that the song needs), A fret is (is a bar that separates the neck of the guitar)

You will need several picks (a small plastic object that you use to strum song that come in multiple sizes), thin picks are good for picking,medium and thick picks are good for strumming (when you hit multiple times at the same time) songs.

That is a Capo and Medium picks!

Next,you should have a fitted size case for your guitar It's important to be comfortable while you are playing. You probably should get a hard case (a case that is hard) You also should have certain things that are required to have like, short fingernails if you have short fingernails it will make a perfect sound. That is what you should have.


The most important part about playing the guitar is knowing the parts of your guitar. The pegs all the way to the top are call tuning pegs, (pegs that tune the strings) you use them to tune your guitar when it's out of tune,depending on what kind of guitar you have you either twist it to the left if it's too low or twist it to the right is its to high. The next part is called the frets (bars that separate different parts of the neck the guitar)the frets are little bars that are on the neck of the guitar the separate different parts of the guitar. A neck is (the long part of the guitar that holds the frets and the tuning pegs) Example:Say you put your pointer finger of the first fret of the first string (strings that can go low and high that would be the note F. The next part of the guitar is the strings they are the most important part of your guitar. They are the things that make the whole sound. There is 6 strings on a guitar, The first string is the note E, E is a open string (you don't put any fingers down) the second string is the note B (open) the third fret is the G string, the fourth string is the D string, the fifth string is the A string, The sixth string is the low E string.

This is the neck of the guitar with frets and all 6 strings

Next is the body it's the shape of the guitar, which it holds the sound hole, (the hole that makes the sound) saddle and bridge, (the parts that hold the strings onto the guitar).The sound hole is the part that is under the strings it is what makes the vibration when you pluck, (when you play just one string) or strum the string(s) Next is the saddle (holds the base of the strings)which is the part under the bridge.It holds the string onto the bottom part of the guitar. Next is the Bridge (it holds the saddle that holds the strings). Next Is the strap peg it is for your strap, connect one end of your strap to the bottom and then the other end to the one on the top. That is all the parts of the guitar!

Now you have the right tools to play and you know the requirements you need to have to play the beautiful instrument the guitar!


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