Making things: how stem students develop communication skills April O'Brien - Clemson University - @aprilobrien412

What is my classroom like?

How do I engage with my stem students?

Skills achieved

How does learning these programs benefit all my students?

the ability to communicate ideas and create arguments are skills for all disciplines.

Through the use of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, I was able to access many tools that I could use to present information in a unique and creative way. Collages, podcasts, informational videos, and even posters could be made in an instant. Also, with the mobile app, I was able to take my homework on the go and work on assignments from anywhere. --Joseph Ferguson,Civil Engineering

Hayden Brown, Engineering

My experience in English 1030 was one of my first experiences working with the Adobe Creative Cloud software, and I can honestly state that it has, and will continue to, open doors for my future career goals. The opportunity to work with this software has given me an incredible skill that is highly sought after in my field of study. I was recently in contact with a well known PR firm pursuing internship opportunities and one of the first questions they presented to me was “Do you know how to create eye catching spreads and videos?” If it weren't for my experience in my English class with Adobe Creative Cloud, I would not have been able to talk about what I have done and give examples of my work. - Kinley Durant, Women's Leadership

The skills developed in a university first-year writing course go beyond the first year; rather, these abilities benefit students from all disciplines to compose well in their respective fields. Adobe's software gives students the best tools to do so.

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