Good Life Performance By: Alyssa Harris

The Spatial Experience
The Constans Theatre is a magnificent structure and a great place to enjoy a show or play. When I entered the auditorium I was very excited to watch the play. I was surprised to see there were no curtains on the stage. This allowed for a more inviting and welcoming experience for the audience. I was seated towards the front and my seat location got me more involved in what was going on on the stage. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I felt a sense of relief and was ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. The auditorium was not overwhelmingly big and was not too small either. It was a good size and helped make the spatial experience more enjoyable. In the Good Life, location and place can have the role of providing comfort. For example, the hallway downstairs had beautiful and colorful structures that helped me feel welcome and comfortable. This sense of color and comfort can also be useful for the people that audition for Theater and Dance in that building.
The Social Experience
I attended the performance with my friends and they are pictured above. From left to right after me, their names are Rachael, Emily, and Elyssa. To get ready for the performance, we got ready in my dorm and then had dinner and walked to the show together. Attending the show with my friends enhanced my experience because we were able to talk about the show together during intermission and after the show. We talked about what we learned and what we enjoyed. In the Good Life, shared experiences play the role of creating memories and strengthening bonds with friends, family, and other people.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience
This performance helped me see and understand my culture because by seeing how other people treat each other and communicate with each other, I was able to reinforce my morals and values. The central issue addressed in the performance was child labor and the unsafe conditions that they had to work in. Before attending the performance, I did not have a lot of knowledge on this subject matter and had not had experience viewing child labor as it was portrayed in this play. The performance changed my views about the issues described in the play because of the accurate acting and portrayal. The play was well casted and represented the issues involved in child labor effectively. The subject matter correlates with my life in terms of sacrificing. Every day I feel as though I have decisions to make, events to prioritize, and eventually sacrifices to make. I tend to put others before myself and sacrifice things I need to do in order to help others. I believe this stems from my mother who is the same way and from having three other siblings along with a large extended family. Very rarely do I regret putting other people before myself and I believe as a mother, Mrs. Talbot would agree and would not regret her altruistic choices either.
The Emotional Experience
"The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" provided an opportunity for Katharsis because after a day of going to classes and labs, I was able to sit quietly and just observe and enjoy the play. While watching the play, I was able to reflect on my day and relate to some of the content in the play. I was able to relate to Talbot's mother and brother having to make sacrifices like working in the shoe factory to allow Talbot to attend the Seminary. Throughout my life, I have had three siblings and definitely understand having to make sacrifices for family, friends, school work, and dance. At times, making sacrifices can result in Katharsis. For example, I have made sacrifices to skip social events to go to my dance class. At my dance class, I am able to destress, express myself through movement, and "come clean". Similarly, watching the play and not thinking about anything else led to a feeling of Katharsis and coming clean as well.


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