Breaking News - Alex Jones apologizes for FAKE News story about Clinton Pizza-Gate pedophile ring he promoted while on Russia's payroll. Jones' carefully crafted apology sounds like he has testified to a secret federal grand jury and is worried about pending federal criminal indictment's over his paid collusion with Russia and Donald Trump's Campaign. Jones appears to have been working with Paul Manafort for several years including fake news broadcast during the Ukraine Civil War where many people were killed. Jones subscribers in Europe have been profiled as ultra-right wing Neo-Nazis who are in Vladimir Putin's pocket.

Today's Update is April 10, 2017

Time has aged Dope Bottom. The Satellite photos seized from me at the Canadian border in 2011, showed Donna Davis nephew standing next to his truck at far right.

America to be in 2017-21 President Trump's version of establishment of Humane Detention Centers like this one brings back memories for our new Führer's loyal followers.

The United States Government didn't want the World to see Sidney Bernstein and Alfred Hitchcock's true documentary "NIGHT WILL FALL" Now Showing on Netflix, the real extent of Nazi Genocide. German citizens were like Americans Today Immune from Empathy Emotions

The Horror of it, I Saw it Coming and Couldn't Stop It. It haunts my soul day and night I can't shake it loose, images of children being burned alive in slow motion. It is like I was born for this job condemned to relive it remembering the nightmare Society never awoke from.

There are others Paul Kirkland a friend and real estate developer, former military Intelligence officer often dreamed fighting Nazi's in his sleep like me. Paul and I had that connection from another time and era one stuck witnessing man's inhumanity to his fellow man. Often we found ourselves using every spare moment working to make sure it never arose from the door of Hell again. Unluckily our peers never studied it, the carnage, death and destruction is nothing compared to the punishment awaiting America for evil deeds like those of the Nazis we committed in Vietnam and Iraq. Our collective guilt as a nation earned us a Betrayal Of Trust the heartbreaking realization we've been duped into planning our own hell on earth as payback...

Investigative Journalist - Author John Burt Caylor

I tried in vain to warn people but they ignored me as though I was the village idiot. No hell No, it could never happen here. Hitler Youth at Foley, Alabama totally absurd, fantasy. The Horror story unfolding in America started during WWII when the Desert Fox Germany's hero surrendered in North Africa rather than let his men perish he sent them to America to launch the Furher's Fourth Reich, German P.O.W. Camps built in Alabama, other southern states stocked with thousands of loyal Nazis as German P.O.W.'s.

Camp inmates were Adolph Hitler's best soldiers who fought the Allies for General Erwin Rommel shown below in the Afrika Korps. Rommel was given the Nick-Name "Desert Fox", he was a good-decent man and Commandant who believed fighting honorably. Foley's prison Camp held 5,000 German POW's. Fort Rucker near Enterprise held thousands, there were other camps with hundreds if not thousands. The prisoners were required to work free at local farms.

Prescott Bush Adolph Hitler's financial Backer and Banker

Today’s Update is April 10, 2017


A year ago today, on a morning walk with “Sadie” a mixed Golden Retriever-Collie an extremely smart dog who knows the English language better than most people pulled me along with a heavy tug. Sadie can’t speak because she doesn’t have the proper vocal cords and human equipment but she understood every word I uttered at her and often replied in her own form of sign language. We walked the old golf trail in Lake Forest Subdivision in Daphne, Alabama every morning.

Sadie’s daily treat was “to walk me” and run in circles of joy like a newly liberated woman as she sped up and down the old golf course turned City Park when I took her leash off. Normally “Rocky” the Tabby-feline our fellow-housemate would tag along so we were a crew of mixed souls with nothing to do but enjoy the sunny day and celebrate that we made it to another sunrise. Afterward we’d sit there in the grass the three of us and contemplate the serious facts I had consumed the night before confronting America, as I knew the country was in deep trouble, teetering on Civil War if not sooner than later.

Since 2011, I’d traveled the nation searching for answers interviewing cops, politicians, jailbirds, homeless people, business people rich and poor. By trade I have been formerly gainfully employed as an investigative journalist, magazine publisher, criminal intelligence analyst, IT computer analyst, private investigator, software developer programming complex equations solving real world problems only computer chips understand copyrighting my work making big bucks until I returned-back to writing and journalism again.

Years ago, I divorced my national computer customers being tired to the bone of making everyone rich and greedier. I wanted to make a lasting difference and influence on society and never die in the minds and lives I might help because when you die the only thing you can take with you is your good name and your memory in the minds of those who miss your earthly presence or textbooks bearing your small contribution to humanity and future generations of unborn children. That to me is Wealth beyond my wildest dreams.

My mind never shuts down even when I’m asleep. I read constantly from all sides of the political and economic spectrum I can’t get enough knowledge. When I verbally communicate, it is to myself and others on the same plane of knowledge and that is where I have problems.

I often overwhelm and overshadow people, it is almost impossible to convey knowledge to people who have little or no education on the subjects I broach or give a yes or no answer. The truth is often complicated in the eye or ear of the beholder and has dozens of different meanings to some people.

Most of today’s college graduates read at the 7th grade level, society has been dumbed down on purpose as we are being led to another “Eugenics Slaughter period.” I’m almost 95 % deaf due to damage from working as a defense department researcher of weapons systems in the 70’s I’m worried the new Trump government will seek to exterminate me like the Prescott Bush and Adolph Hitler partnership did to Europeans in WWII.

I can’t write or tell a complicated story until I know it and can prove and document it. I’ve never been sued for libel and my accuracy rate had been right at 94% as a criminal intelligence analyst. That’s a liability if you’re broke and need money to survive but I’d never sell my record of credibility for a few bucks.

Credibility is everything to me and my counter-parts, often people’s lives hang in the balance.

Today, Sadie pulled me along up the hill with great anticipation where the trail had been partially blocked by old man in his swing-set a new obstacle on the paved walking path that had never been there until that day and it was gone the next.

The 94-year-old man I had never seen before today in the swing-set apparently had been patiently awaiting my arrival up the hill, looked at me in earnest and said, here have a seat I want to talk to you when he blurted out. “John Caylor, don’t let those thugs convince you that you’re crazy because you believe in Conspiracies!”

Who was this guy this old guy who sent him for a pow-wow, he was Gene Owens, retired FBI agent started out with the Boston FBI office after serving in WWII, worked battling the politicians and diplomats inside the United States State Department, Justice Department revolving-door-lawyers-flunkies and moved on to Mobile, retired after he cleaned up, jailed and ran the Mafia and Organized crime from Phenix City, Alabama in the 50’s-60’s.

Gene along with his fellow-agents Lobbied Congress for passage of the RICO Act 18 U.S.C. the “Criminal Conspiracy Act”, “when 2 or more people engage in a continuous criminal Enterprise”, paving the previously-impossible way for the FBI to jail gangsters, judges, politicians, lawyers-crooks in alliance to fleece John Q. Public depriving him of his life or separating him from his worldly possessions.

The RICO Conspiracy Act scared the crap out of Gangsters, the Mafia, crooked judges and our conversation turned to certain federal judges. Gene somehow knew what I had been silently sitting on…

Two months later I published a report about Mobile Federal Judge Ginny Granade and her sisters “CIA General Bowen Ballard’s” family members being deeded a valuable piece of land presold for them by the City of Nashville, TN for $Millions. It was land they never owned or paid for and then there was the case of Thomas Scott Smith, Jeff Sessions, Ginny Granade where Scott had his trafficking in Meth arrest record sealed and expunged under a new Alabama law outlawing publishing and “criminalizing what I do, Investigative Journalism.”

Scott Smith is an Organized Crime Gangster’s Thirty-Something grandson slipped into the federal court by United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions who is working as a clerk – “writing federal court opinions” – not shuffling papers for both judges at Mobile.

Gene and I had one more conversation before I had to flee Alabama shortly after I became the first fugitive journalist in Alabama’s history. He stood up to the FBI for me and told them I was a walking encyclopedia of current Organized Crime to put up and listen to where I was heading before cutting me off.

Gene always said to solve crimes and conspiracies you have-to-be where the action is. Now I’m back in Panama City, Florida where America’s and the Planet’s curse has been reanimated all over again by some of those crook’s grandkids Gene and his fellow-agents ran off from Phenix City who landed here in the Florida Panhandle and Southeast Alabama, setup shop here at Panama City to take on the world again in a repeat performance of the horror’s of WWII.

This time they have Hitler’s methods refined and already implemented to a large degree, I’ve been writing about them in this series, Betrayal of Trust.

I need your help - They are throwing the kitchen sink at me trying to commit me in jail or a mental hospital for speaking of Those Damned Conspiracies. This one leads back to Bush and Company Family and clandestine operatives from Harris County, Texas as the evil behind the scenes power brokers just like grandpa Prescott Bush’s thugs when Prescott Bush funded Adolph Hitler’s rise to power before and during WWII and sponsored Richard Nixon for President of the United States afterward.

This is who Donald Trump’s secret backers are they don’t care who is President as-long-as they make their money and are in control. They are in an alliance with Vladimir Putin just like Adolph Hitler was in an AXIS Partnership with Russia’s brutal dictator Joseph Stalin. Stalin Murdered 20-Million of his own people.

This is a deadly serious situation and issue which myself and other Investigative Journalists in America are now facing. It is a Free Speech, Press issue that if not acted upon by our citizens to “preserve”, will immediately result in dangerous repercussions, for all Americans, not just members of the press and alternative media, but it will hit you and your family where it hurts at home, your wallet sooner or later you or a member of your family will become a very dead victim.

It might come with a midnight knock on your door, your family will disappear exactly like unsuspecting citizens of Iraq for no reason except to kill them and take their belongings after American soldiers marched them into the desert beyond midnight in darkness where they raped their daughters and children before shooting them in the head.

Why do you think we have become a violent nation of veterans who suffer from extreme mental illness and PTSD it was because in the name of insanity we murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people for no apparent purpose except revenge of one of ours being killed by people defending their homes and families from a brutal savage slaughter?

Don’t tell yourself it can’t happen here, America, it is already happening here and other places worldwide. America has turned into a Monster of Greed and another Nazi Germany. I’ve been investigating this same evil group of people for decades and I know who they are, where it is headed and with my knowledge, experience and documentation I connect the dots to tell the story and I’m dangerous like a poisonous snake to the master criminals who have seized America.

They’ve pulled out all stops to end me and I am struggling to bring the story to you my fellow countrymen and women. Please read on after this appeal I’m going to show you how we wound up here and who the hidden players are so we can exercise or First and Second Amendment rights against them to stop America from descending into their intended destination for us, Hell on Earth.

With the rapid hostile takeover of America by Neo-Nazis and the slide into Fascism and Eugenics, members of the press have been targeted for extra-judicial murder, extended incarceration and lockup in county jails, mental hospitals, without trials after being picked-on for publishing articles and investigations unfavorable to government officials and members of the Trump administration and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In 2002, Debbie VanCourt and myself founded Emerald Coast Times Publishing Company, Inc. at Panama City Beach, Florida. We chose “Emerald Coast Insider” as the name of our full color printed news-stand magazine due to my years as a paid and experienced criminal intelligence analyst and private investigator. During the 80’s I worked on Iran-Contra drug smuggling investigations and savings and loan frauds and failures engineered by the then Reagan-Bush Administration.

In the next installment, I will dive into why Jeb Bush went by the wayside in the 2016 election, what I had on him and his brother George and why they are trying to deprive me of my rights to equal justice under the law in Florida and how they destroyed our magazine because we had a criminal federal grand jury at Pensacola, Florida investigating President George Bush and Jeb Bush in 2004 for high crimes of treason and engaging with the Russian Mafia in a RICO Act Continuous Criminal Enterprise. Please read on to the current story to educate yourself about where Donald Trump and the Bush’s are heading and startling facts they can’t deny.

Looking at the German P.O.W. Camp locations above it is clear why Americans from those areas are Ultra-Right Nationalists in their political opinions.

After the war many of those prisoners who had become friends with farmers and their daughters whose land they worked picking, gathering crops, decided to stay. They changed their last names to "DAVIS". The Foley Camp was one of many throughout the Southeast that had been purposely hidden as if to hide rise of a Fourth Reich.

"In Rommel, we have a very daring and skillful opponent against us, and may I say across the havoc of war, a great general." -Winston Churchill

General Erwin Rommel (The Desert Fox) A national hero to the German people a sane man who stood out from psychopaths of the Nazi Regime. Rommel was forced to commit suicide by Hitler as Rommel was a plotter in the failed assassination attempt against Hitler. Rommel's troops surrendered in North Africa and the Allies were forced to deal with relocation of hundreds of thousands of men. Rommel's Führer, Adolph Hitler always dreamed of America as fertile ground to launch a new Fourth Reich

Dr. Von Braun's Team of German Scientists at Fort Bliss, Texas. Germany's brightest minds and their families defected to United States when they discovered "Hitler had pre-ordered a scorched Earth Policy" where the scientist's and their families would be murdered by the GESTAPO if Germany lost the war.

German Scientists gave us Space travel and developed "Space Airplanes" like this early version of the SR-71 Blackbird whose speeds are still highly classified. This one is on display at RedStone Arsenal Military Command near Huntsville, Alabama as Dr. Von Braun didn't like Texas and insisted his team be relocated to a More Germany Like Atmosphere and the Marshall Space flight Center in North Alabama was born.

This is where the plot begins after WWII, a year later in 1946, Joseph Smolian, a German Jew from the Ukraine buys 80 acres of land on Florida 30-A near Destin, Florida. Joseph Smolian changed his name to Joseph Davis, in the Iran-Contra drug network dubbed (The Enterprise) established during the early 80's Smolian's name was an "Identity Code-Word", do you know who J. S. Smolian is?

Photo from my first magazine cover shot at Seaside, Fl during May 2002

Smolian's land shown above was prime beachfront property with scrub oaks, destined to be a playground for worlds rich and famous, the oligarchs, and fascist factory owners of Germany and the World. The Smolian's were department store merchants living in Birmingham - often a profession used as "money laundry cover" for German's and Nazis engaged in illegal criminal activity, like the Davis family of Foley, Alabama.

This is the 3 story home above built on land given to UAB for research for the Smolian Child Clinic at Seaside later deeded to a Tallahassee man named Zimmerman. The Smolian Clinic at Birmingham UAB Children's Hospital was a CIA operation I broke into after hours in early 2014. I was caught by a psychiatrist who was regretful I had been found inside the clinic after hours. This person was fearful the research would get out - the person appeared ashamed of their work. The Doctor noted the clinic then a "fake" had moved into "full scale operation in the streets of Alabama" inside the Alabama DHR Children's program. Th next day Birmingham detectives were calling me and I fled from Birmingham. Dr. Von Braun's Nazi scientists insisted their experimental work would continue in America.

The Nazi's from Berlin along with the CIA/KGB took over Alabama and North Florida to establish their own form of perverted government and export it World-Wide. Alabama has been their experimental proving ground since 1945.

The UAB - Smolian Clinic is actually the Engel Clinic named after a German Officer.

UAB Children's Hospital Birmingham, Alabama the Lowder Building named after CIA General Bowen Ballad's business associate Lowder. General Ballard is United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions best buddy and drug smuggling partner.

The CIA's Experimental Child Psychiatry operations went public statewide in Alabama in some Southeast Alabama locations It is known as Wiregrass Mental Health run by area Mayors. It is also contracted out to Spectracare, Inc. a CIA/KGB Operation taking people's children under court order and placing them into other environments. The Alabama DHR's attorney's are the same attorney's that protect child prostitution drug smuggling and distribution networks in Alabama. On August 1, 1999 two Dothan teenage girls were found shot to death Inside the trunk of J.B. Beasley's automobile, Spectracare was involved in the death and it was hushed up.

During 2007-08 I moved part time to the area at Seaside in order to study the people and spy on Republican Party bigwig Karl Rove. Rove was Bush's White House Chief of Staff. Karl and wife Darby were deeded a house at Rosemary Beach by the CIA land company who came in and setup townhouses at Inlet Beach a CIA venture.

After the Somalian-Davis family from Birmingham started construction of Seaside on 30-A in 1984, President Ronald Reagan launched the Iran-Contra drug smuggling venture on "July 10, 1986" at Dothan, Alabama following the assassination of Barry Seal who was to testify to a Baton Rouge, LA, federal grand jury the U.S. Government was in the drug business.

During 1999, Seal's Widow Debbie Seal visited me at my mother's home at Enterprise, Alabama for 3 days. On the Sunday morning before her departure she gave me this photo to copy and distribute. Barry had hidden the photo in the attic and told Debbie to give to someone who would understand its true significance. JFK Hit Team - Mexico City on 22nd January, 1963.

It is believed that the men in the photograph are all members of Operation 40. Closest to the camera on the left is Felix Rodriguez. Next to him is Porter Goss (later CIA director) and Barry Seal. Tosh Plumlee is attempting to hide his face with his coat. Others in the picture are Alberto 'Loco' Blanco (3rd right) and Jorgo Robreno (4th right).

Barry and his son aboard aircraft above. Barry was shot 19 times after his "residence location," was outed to the media by a Bush appointed federal Judge. I am most likely the only person alive to ever hear Barry's Secret audio tapes with his DEA and CIA handlers. Seal didn't want to testify the "United States Government was in the Dope Business." He told handler Jake he was a Dead Man Walking and didn't want to appear at the Baton Rouge Federal Grand Jury.

Felix Rodriguez, aka "Max Gomez," shown with George Bush above was a career CIA employee who was born in Cuba and became a senior police official under Batista. His father was minister of public works. He fled to the US and went through army officer training with Luis Posada Carriles, who he later recruited as his number 2 man for the the Contra resupply operation's major staging area.at Ilopango Air Force Base in El Salvador. This was a nerve center and transit point for the shipment of large quantities of cocaine to the US in return for weapons and supplies to the Contras.

Felix Rodriguez was also (Iran Contra - Col. Oliver North's right hand man, a Cuban born school-room-mate of Broward County, Florida, Sheriff Nick Navarro who setup the CIA's 1988 roundup program against blacks (Operation Rockpile) to build 30-A Tea Party's Private Prison network (CCA) in America. Navarro and Rodriguez also setup the CIA's Rendition and torture operation in Iraq using Tennessee staging areas, assets and aircraft tied to Superior Bank at Birmingham, Alabama later merged into Hancock Bank at Gulf Port-Biloxi, Mississippi and People's First at Panama City, Florida.

The Real Money Cash Cow is hidden at "Centennial Bank" of Key Marathon, Florida and Conway, Arkansas where the protected dope smuggling ring keeps raw funds. The Current CEO of Centennial was President Bill Clinton's Director of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. Barry Seal's and the CIA's money was dumped there during the 70's and early eighties when Barry was flying out of Mena, Arkansas later the source of the federal grand jury investigation that got Barry shot 19 times.

Nick Navarro setup the Network using fellow law enforcement officers from South, Florida area. Co-conspirators like Bill Elfo Canadian Border Sheriff of Whatcom County, WA, Shown below were appointed to their posts when the Democratic Sheriff or Chief of Police fell dead for no apparent reason.
Cuban Born Navarro above Cooked his own Crack Cocaine and rounded up blacks. His officers and other officers routinely whistle dogged unsuspecting blacks on the street placing crack into their hands and arresting them for possession. Stacking Blacks into waiting school buses for a trip to newly built private prisons by Corrections Corporation of America, whose stockholders are the Who's Who of the National Republican Party. I witnessed Panama City, Florida cops doing this illegal activity and wrote about it in late 80's.
Sheriff Bill Elfo speaks to me outside his jail where I was in solitary confinement for 3 months starting before Christmas 2011 and sent to the nuthouse for examination as the "6th Journalist forcefully gaged and shipped off" since the end of February 2012. Elfo fell speechless after I told him I knew his pal Nick Navarro. I spent 8 months in his federally funded jail because I was setup and wanted a trial - Elfo didn't know I was part of an FBI Counter-Intelligence operation.

President Donald Trump's travel Ban will make it impossible for American citizens to exit and flee America when times get tough under Trump's Nazi leadership. Elfo's people have the U.S. Canadian Border locked tight. Based upon knowledge and evidence I believe it was by design. Canada closed their International border during 2011 in case you don't have an approved international Real ID Drivers license as a U.S. Citizen. If you have a misdemeanor arrest conviction you're not allowed into Canada and must petition their Embassy advance to travel there.

The 30-A Tea Party's boys (Ed Meese's boys) sold Florida, Texas, California and other states Nashville's Republican dominated "Corrections Corporation of America" to build private Super-Max prisons to warehouse thousand's later bankrupting those states.

The FBI's "Russian Influence Investigation" into Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential campaign might be centered on Edwin Meese and the 30-A Tea Party. Taped conversations between the Heritage Foundation staff and Putin's government are expected to be revealed by Director Comey.

With Barry Seal dead and his testimony silenced, the Reagan-Bush administration launched a morally reprehensible war upon the citizens of the United States importing drugs into America, then bankrupting the national treasury embezzling money from the nation's banks causing failure of both (FSLIC)(FDIC) the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of America the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation. Reagan was an actor like Donald Trump and Bush's father had bankrolled Adolph Hitler's rise too power in Germany 40 years earlier.

When George H.W. Bush was briefly CIA director I was introduced to him at Dothan, Alabama by Ramada Inn owner Bob Miller from the Houston Mafia in October 1980, Bob grabbed me by the arm and told me Bush was going to be the real President to make everyone rich Reagan was an actor they were using as a vehicle to gain control of the nation. Later that fall of 1986 Reagan and George H.W. Bush had arranged for the CIA and Mafia working together to rob and embezzle $210,000,000. from 3 Savings and loans using a fraudulent land sale of thousands of acres of land owned by "St. Joe Company" at nearby Topsail Hill to fund the Contra Rebel Operation in Nicaragua.

The fraudulent land deal was put together in part by Herbert Barr of Barr, Wilkerson, Bowden & Brunson CPA's for the Mafia "The Boys" at Enterprise, Alabama my hometown and Panama City, Florida. The Barr CPA firm also handled all regional cash business concerns as well as the Smolian-Davis Seaside reality company. A short time later after the Topsail Hill deal Barr's firm handled all CPA work for Sheldon Adlleson's Casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Gay Casinos at Macau, China.

Sheldon Adlleson above the Israeli Mossad Front man who launders their cash from gangsters like McGregor show below.

McGregor shown above was a silent hidden partner at Colonial until the feds seized it shortly after 2007.

The Colonial Bank at Opp, Alabama,records corrupt officials didn't want people to see replaced by new masked version below. The one above was stored on a thumb drive years ago before these people took a deadly interest in me.

The above corporate investor and officer show important people some unwittingly used by the KGB and Russian Mafia's plan to destroy America. Central Bank of Alabama was sister bank to Colonial Bank and the former President Wallace Nall was a general partner to Herbert Meisler whose family was from the Ukraine. Meisler was partners to Nall and others at Edgewater Beach Resort on Panama City Beach where Tump met wife Marla Maples.

"Mr. Big", Milton McGregor of Hartford, Alabama, above a Mafia gangster who was the protege of my father's protege William Howard Grice. Milton McGregor and Israel are in the dope business together. They funded the rise of Donald Trump's 30-A Tea Party with importation of drugs and gambling to raise enough money to buy the Trust of America's public officials and law enforcement. Milton's CPA's are the Barr firm from my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama. Routinely fly to Vegas together on Milton's Jet to do Sheldon's books.

The S&L frauds were a scam and Pastoria the contra rebel leader noted that of the $210,000,000 stolen his group's take was a mere $3,000,000 million dollars. The money from the complicated land deal in 2006 by Development Group International of Houston, wound up in the pockets of the Offshore Isle of Jersey Mafia. Present day definition equals the Russian Mafia which also owns Paragon Security, Inc. the private firm which holds all U.S. government security contracts for the F.B.I.-C.I.A.-N.S.A. Social Security Administration and a few more.

Contra Leader Pastoria

Among items on North's agenda was talking points with Southeastern United States Newspaper publishers and Television station managers. They were not to write, publish, or telecast news of the Iran-Contra local drug and gun smuggling operations in the name of National Security. They were instructed by the North and Justice Department to ignore any and all claims of criminal wrongdoing. This is the real reason many Americans believe the Iran-Contra drug smuggling operation was a tv-mini series.

My Emerald Coast Insider Magazine DGI Story first page in June 2003 street publication. The story briefly told the DGI Topsaill Hill scam I helped investigate and bring to conclusion with 10 federal court convictions despite constant fights with the FBI and Justice Department prosecutors. We started investigating the bogus land deal in 1986 after President Reagan unwittingly kicked off the KGB plan to Overthrow America. DGI was the code name for Cuban Intelligence.

According to extensive investigation Reagan's visit to Dothan, Alabama ticked off the plan to overthrow America. The development of Seaside and Rosemary Beach, FL was intended to bring together the players of the plan I believe was first formulated by the old KGB whose ranks included some Gestapo elements. Seaside was to be the hallmark community for rise of a Fourth Reich.

The German's who stayed behind in America are the one's who launched the Russian attack on America within the 30-A Tea Party and they have a plan of mutual co-operation with Russia's Vladimir Putin to use his muscle power engaging America to be subdued by the rise of Trump's Fourth Reich.

High Ranking KGB Defector above Anatoliy Golitsyn Foretold of Plan in 1961 to CIA.

Russian KGB defector's first Book
Golitsyn's second book in his memo's to the CIA he reveals the Secret plan now unfolding in America. I've read the book which now sells at $199.00 for a used copy.

It is my belief that Germans and Ukrainians were sold on National Socialist Fascism. Over the years I have uncovered parts of their plan, investigating and documenting it for nearly 3 decades. The F.B.I. Counter-Intelligence division at Mobile has been digging deep for clues and I'm trying to explain the structure of that plan which follows one told to the CIA by Anatoliy Golitsyn in 1961.

Golitsyn was the highest level Russian KGB defector in "future-plans" to come over to our side. Golistyn's accuracy record is 94% as an intelligence analyst. He foretold the Communist plan to fake going under in the late 80's and coming back in the early 90's sucking the West into the Communist fold without violence using Vladimir Lenin's dialectical reasoning using propaganda and fake news.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sesssions was one of several persons to travel to the Soviet Union when the Communist's kicked off their plan. Jeff Sessions, Leura Garrett Canary, Bill Canary and others made that trip to Russia. leura met her future husband Bill, on the first Russian trip.

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions left, far right Thomas Scott Smith, Jr. and center is Scott Smith III, clerk for federal judges Ginney Granade and Kristi DuBose. Scott who writes court opinions for the federal judges at Mobile had a run-in with the law trafficking in Meth when he was 24, with a little help his criminal record was hidden. Then expunged nearing law school graduation. Jeff Sessions slid him under the door like all the rest. I have 2 criminal arrest warrants pending in Alabama for publishing Scott's criminal history like that of his other family members.
CIA General Bowen Ballard, Jeff Sessions best friend and family member to federal judge Virginia Smith " Ginny" Granade who was a prosecutor for Sessions covering up the Iran-Contra drug smuggling operation in the Southeast United States. Ballard has extensive holdings in Israel and has deep pocket connections to the same United Methodist Fund at Dothan, Alabama as Sessions.

Federal Judge Virginia Smith Granade 2nd left and her family are CIA General Bowen Ballard's family members who have taken Bribes of pre-sold land from the City of Nashville, TN as a reward for her continued cover-ups of drug trafficking by the Cabal. Granade is the Lesbian/Gay Marriage judge who removed Alabama Supreme Court Chief Judge Roy Moore because he refused to enforce her Gay-Lesbian Marriage Ruling. As a prosecutor for Sessions she protected the drug importation operations in the U.S. that funded the rise to power of a fascist American government. Granade is reportedly Bi-Sexual from well informed sources, has a blonde girlfriend at Fairhope, AL. I have seen a photo of the woman, her ruling reflects that image.

The above land was pre-sold by the City of Nashville to Seton Corporation for $1.3 Million and was "quietly disbursed" to federal Judge Granade and her sisters to include her sister Sarah Smith Ballard. This is the CIA "rendition network and Russian Mafia operations", Judge Granade has been a vicious opponent of my publishing her criminal acts and money laundering activities and hired United States Marshal Josh Devine to track me down and try arrest me on any charge. I taped his threats and have a recording I published on-line. She also installed Mafia family members with felony criminal histories to clerk - write court opinions for her at Mobile. The City of Nashville is a famous haven for Dixie Mafia gangsters and gave away surplus land during the same period federal Judge Granade and her family pocketed $1.3 Million - eventually the public cried foul and the city stopped the practice of bribing judges and political figures. No one has been prosecuted as these people are above the law as they are the law.

Siegelman and I are telephone friends Don used to call me when I lived at Orange Beach, Alabama when he was briefly free on appeal. The FBI's Michael Gavin knew Siegelman was setup and contacted me leaving a message on my answering machine after I reported to the FBI that Karl and Darby Rove has thrown a dinner party for the federal prosecutors at Seaside, FL in early 2007 celebrating Don's conviction.

Leura Canary was Jeff Sessions protege and became the U.S. Attorney who prosecuted Alabama Governor Don Siegelman to remove him from national Democratic Party Presidential aspirations as Siegelman was the rising star of the Democratic party who rose from the ranks of being a U.S. Capitol Police officer to become Secretary of State, Attorney General and Governor of Alabama. Leura Garrett was the niece of former Alabama Attorney General Si Garrett who murdered the new Alabama Attorney General elect Patterson who ran on a platform to rid Phenix City, Alabama of the Mafia in the 1950's.

Many gangsters fled Phenix City after a relentless campaign against corruption by the Mafia's prostitution, drugs, gambling and murder rings. Alabama National Guard's General Hannah and FBI agent Owen from Daphne, AL. General Hannah whose son owns Hannah Steel in Birmingham told me the same gangsters and crooks his father locked up and others who ran off wound up living at Enterprise, Dothan, Alabama, Blountstown, Florida along the river valley.

The newly displaced gangsters mingled well with recently released German Nazi P.O.W.'s held at surrounding camps. Fort Benning, Ga, prison camps like Fort Rucker, AL. Retired FBI agent Owen from Daphne who worked successfully cleaning up the gangsters stated the FBI lobbied Congress for years to pass the RICO Act, 18 U.S.C. giving the bureau a tool to put Mafia gangs away. The politicians, legislators and Governor's didn't want to stir them up and opposed RICO.

Since Phenix City, the Mafia infiltrated the state and federal courts by placing pants on the courts. The retired FBI agent noted, many people who were appointed federal judges were tied to Mafia gangsters and crime continued to flourish for the judge's lifetime.

Crime fighter Gunned down in Phenix City 1954.
Alabama Attorney General Si Garret center, shown before he fled to Texas Mental Hospital committing himself so he wouldn't be BBQ in Alabama's Old Sparky at Kilby Prison for the murder of Patterson.
Jeff Sessions protege from Huntingdon College Leura Garrett became U.S. attorney who oversaw Siegelman prosecution.
This photo of Bill Canary was probably shot by Yellowhammer News. Canary and wife Leura first met in Russia and married the next year. Bill is with the Alabama Business Council a group tied to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and truckers.
President Ronald Reagan another actor like Donald Trump who came with his Nazi leaning pals like German Edwin Meese former United States Attorney General who had Reagan sign Executive Order 12,333 which unleashed the CIA to spy on American citizens at home and engage in Cloak and Dagger murder with help of the FBI and local police. Ed Meese is the real leader of the 30-A Tea Party movement.

President Ronald Reagan Launched his campaign to destroy America at Dothan, Alabama when he made a visit there to establish the Iran-Contra network operations. Americans were duped by the actor turned President like present day Donald Trump. In 1981, when Ronald Reagan became President he signed Executive Order 12,333 that turned the C.I.A. lose to spy on common citizens and work with local police setting up fusion centers - exactly like Germany's dreaded GESTAPO which stripped the German government and paved a path to establishing the murderous Third Reich.

Bush issued the Executive Order that paved the way for a Nazi style takeover where the sensitive secrets of America and our nations most venerable assets were sold to the highest bidder by "Privatization"

Many People from the Ukraine moved to the South Alabama and North Florida area. When Ukrainian people let the Nazi's roll through to Russia during WWII they wanted to join Hitler and Hitler could not decide as to embrace them or kill them. For some strange reason the Pentagon erased all memory of he German - Nazi - P.O.W. Camps that once held hundreds of thousands of Loyal Nazis and fascist leaning Communists. When I was targeted by this group of people to be murdered it was the Davis family from Foley, Alabama which has deep ties to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, federal Judge Ginney Granade, Kristi Dubose, CIA General Bowen Ballard and others who were out to stop me.

CIA General Bowen Ballard - Attorney General Sessions Partner in Crime

Sessions and Ballard are pals and reportedly Ballard taught Sessions how to fly an airplane. They both are as silent parters in drug smuggling and money laundering. This series will furnish documents and evidence of that relationship and the family ties between them.

One of the Banks CIA Ballard owns in the Florida Panhandle. Other

copyright@2017 John Burt Caylor, David Harbin

FBI Director Louis Freeh was replaced after 9/11

FBI Director Louis Freeh was appointed by President George H.W. Bush as FBI Director to replace "Director Sessions" from Arkansas who was implicated in the murder of Judge Vance as a possible co-conspirator.

The first item on Freeh's agenda as FBI director was to make a trip to Russia and study the Russian Mafia and their aims at America. I became convinced that Director Freeh figured out like me, the mail bomb attack upon the federal judiciary was about taking the United States from the top down. The Easy way to overthrow America is from the courts down.

During 1981, I was undercover inside the murderous Smith Crime family for ATF and confidant to Scott's grandfather Tom, Sr "whom according to a federal witness in 1995 stated to me that Tom shot a Spanish woman in the head who had been distributing drugs for him, as they traveled down a Florida panhandle road at night in Smith's Limousine."

she told me she was made to sit in the front seat and was so afraid for her life she pissed in her pants when Smith, Sr shot and killed the woman in the back seat. The witness related they were headed to a party being hosted by Panama City Beach Mayor, Phil Griffitts who owned a lake house near highway 79 in the Ebro, FL area stating the destination might have been the burial ground of the victim She had told me before that time she flew to a Mafia sitdown meeting with Smith in Sicily. I have not seen the witness since I turned her over to Ellis Dean director of the Panama City D.E.A.

Sessions home state of Alabama has fugitive warrants for my arrest for publishing Scott's criminal history and his deep family ties to Organized Crime. If you want to see future Hell in America look at Sessions Alabama today and adjacent Florida Panhandle. It's Rampant, unabated extra-judicial murder, official theft by "Rogue" police, judges, backroom court deals, a Hell unleashed by Sessions criminal allies, appointed judges, public defenders who act as conductors on a one-way railroad to jail and hell.

Frank McKeithen Former Bay County Sheriff and friend to Hitman McClellan

Former Bay and Gulf County Sheriff's Frank McKeithen, Tommy Ford worked together with FDLE Inspector Mike Klagaes and FBI Special agent Joseph Tierney of the Panama City, FBI office to cover-up the investigation. Agent Tierney and his wife we both on the payroll of Dixie-Russian Mafia gangster "Jimmy Maulden, who leased the Southern Elegance Casino ship" under Panamanian registry from Brian Diserna.

Maulden was convicted in federal court of money laundering in a case where Tierney the lead FBI investigator was rejected as a witness by the government because it was revealed Tierney and his wife were both weekend employees of Maulden on the Southern Elegance gambling ship.

The Sherry's Both Shot in Head 4 Times

During the late 80's Maulden brought the "Eurojet Casino Gambling Ship" to Biloxi, MS and was heatedly opposed by Margaret Sherry a council-woman and her husband Judge Vincent Sherry of the Second Mississippi District Circuit Court, who were found dead in their home on Sept. 16, 1987. Each had been shot in the head four times. There was no sign of forced entry to the house. Several seemingly promising leads led the authorities to mob figures who refused to talk. Newly acquired information is the "closed case", is about to be reopened due to discovery of new evidence in the untimely deaths of Sherry's court bailiff and his son, both relatives of Frank McKeithen from Vernon, Florida area.

Frank along with current Bay Sheriff Tommy Ford has much to lose if evidence proves they were part of the cover-up and I suspect my arrest was an attempt to murder me in custody. McClellan's sister Virginia Beard reached out to me years ago in the 90's for her brother while he was in an Alabama prison on an unrelated gun charge.

Appointed Sheriff Tommy Ford, had no political opponents after Frank quit and made him Sheriff. The Drug Cabal's way of making sure they remain in power. Ford is kidnapping people after their arrest, they are not allowed to make a phone-call-except- a collect-call to a bondsman due to a pay phone card system, lack of jail organization. It takes weeks to be able to use the phone if you can remember landline numbers (a rarity) have money when you are arrested. Ford is guilty of gross inhuman Federal Civil Rights Violations - does not feed prisoners (He is Starving Them to Death) most meals consist of a small package of Peanut Butter and 2 pieces of bread. Bay County Commissioners should take the jail away from Ford as he was trained by Frank to inflict cruel and inhuman treatment and death upon criminal defendants. While there in December, I was told of several deaths of prisoners who were taken to the "BOX" a discipline isolation area where prisoners are left to die from medical and nutritional inattention, I was able to verify those claims.

Danny McClellan's sister Virginia Beard confided to me that Danny was working through Collins Sign Company at Napier Field, Alabama and admitted to her he killed the McRae's and was paid by the CIA through the Dixie Mafia to murder them. We both decided he would never make it to the gate of the prison if he talked.

Being familiar with the Gulf Power and Southern Company investigation I also had the benefit of prior education from McClellan's former handlers and trainers. At the time for my own personal safety I made the right decision and kept my mouth shut. The Southern Company Investigation was an earth-shattering event complete with mass political resignations in Congress in the 1992 election on down to the state legislatures. It was a brief halt mass looting of government funds and record shredding at the Bush Justice Department to destroy "forever"evidence of crimes of embezzlement, murder and drug dealing leading back to players later identified as affiliated with Russian Mafia KGB Gangsters.

When Bush was President he issued a little noticed Executive Order to amend the National Security Act which Privatized National Security and caused serious harm to the nation's security apparatus by allowing private contractors to guard critical infrastructure like Military bases and nuclear plants. DSI Security at Dothan, Alabama had the contract for military bases and Farley nuclear plant. DSI owned by Houston County Sheriff A.B. Clark was deeply connected to the Mafia and Milton McGregor.

Clark's brother Charles was a business partner in an automobile dealership with McGregor, they had the business burned to collect insurance money according to Charles who took the fall and spent time in prison for mail fraud. Clark's DSI Security was funded and promoted by Herbert Meisler and his Mafia business associate, Wes Burnham.

Head of The Russian Mafia Snake, Herbert Meisler a Jewish Ukraine family immigrant with a past often sanitized. An Extremely powerful crook who knows President Trump well as Trump met his wife Marla Maples while working for Meisler at Panama City Beach, FL
President Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples met Trump while working for Meisler

They operate under many different corporations and were the primary crooks inside the first 1980's S&L failures in America when they stole and embezzled money from 1,000 S&L's and bankrupted the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance corporation of America and commandeered the assets of all failed S&L' to their own pockets. It was a well devised plan attributable to Meisler and his Russian Mafia associates.

I have identified Meisler, of Mobile to the FBI as the Head of the Snake, I set up and maintained his business computers and accounting system at Edgewater Beach Resort on Panama City Beach in the 80's where President Donald Trump later met his wife Marla Maples working front desk for Herbert Meisler.

Meisler gave then Governor Bob Graham a condo unit (not a time-share) as well as Bay County Sheriff Guy Tunnell who later became Florida Department of Law Enforcement Director. Tom Creekmore the property manager used to brag to me that they were the Mafia and they gave the politicians big money and they owned them.

29 year old Lyndle Colvin (Source ) Arrested for Aggravated Stalking by Ryan Willoughby, son of deputy who arrested me on same charge in 1993 as Blowback and Payback for Pinpointing Pablo Escobar's hiding place in Colombia. I won my case, one for aggravated stalking, bribery, and another to solicitation of murder at court. I Acted as My Own Attorney the Jury Found Me Not Guilty on All Charges. Escobar's first Cousin Santiago Romero Iglesias was running the Cartel from Bay County, Florida while working for Republican Allan Bense Speaker of the Florida House that was my ace in the hole as his birthdate was same as mine.

Danny McClellan who died in 2013, grand-daughter above, is well aware of his suspected participation in the McRae murder's and others. Frank McKeithen was a close friend of her grand-father sent flowers to the funeral and had bogus concocted aggravated stalking charges filed against her for her knowledge to silence her as she reached out to me one week prior to my December 2016 arrest and jailing.

Bay County currently has felony arrest warrants for Lyndle whose father (Romeo Colvin) was murdered in February 2006 after helping Harvey Lee Parks her grandfather's business associate dispose of a body in 1989, which Frank covered up. Frank had me arrested for disorderly conduct for requesting case records relating to Harvey Parks' murder case where Parks murdered James Edward Beech. Lyndle has supplied me with her grandfather's notes of his crimes, murders and some personal items like his blues brothers hat often worn during capers.

Drug Lord Pablo Escobar's first cousin was Santiago Romero Igleasias of Panama City Beach, Florida. Santiago who was in charge of the Cartels day to day international operations while Pablo was on the run in Colombia worked for 30-A Tea Party Founder's Charles L. Hilton and Florida Speaker of the House Alan Bense as a cover job.

Escobar's cousin Santiago at Panama City, Florida was sleeping with Vinney Barbieri's first wife Sandy White "who after he beat her up" dropped a dime on the D.E.A. and ratted Santiag out before he flew the next big load of dope into the United States, agents were waiting.

Oj and Paula in happier days before he cut Nicole's head off as she lays in far right background and shown as the pretty blonde at right.

Paula's family and many Panama City politicians and cops were on the Cartel payroll protected by current U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Former Florida legislator Scott Clemmons and father former mayor of Panama City were close friends an apparent business associates of the Escobar family.

Drug Lord Pablo Escobar operated with impunity in the Southeast U.S. with law enforcement protection while Jeff Sessions was Alabama Attorney General and later United States Attorney at Mobile, Al

It's the same "blowback" treatment from Frank I was a victim of after I was hired to pinpoint Drug Lord Pablo Escaobar's location in Colombia as he was assassinated in December 1993. Early in the 1993 I had forced Florida governor Chiles to form a special grand jury to hear about a police extortion ring shaking down criminal defendants in the street for cash bribes which Frank McKeithen started.

There were over 1700 verified cases of extortion and bribery dubbed by the national media as "Cash Register Justice." Chiles who as U.S. Senator was part of the Iran-Contra operation and was gifted 25 acres of beachfront land appointed Frank a Captain of investigations at Bay County Sheriff's Office in 1993 as Sheriff of Gulf County, Florida and made him law enforcement officer of the year as convening of the Cash Register Grand Jury was announced.

I believe the FBI's task force and counter-Intelligence has with-held wiretap information from me. In early 1989, Danny McClellan was working for the FBI robbing banks in the Carolina's and involved with a Mafia stolen credit card ring.

McClellan was in Chipley, Florida playing cards at a trailer playing cards that night before doing the hit with another hit-man.

All of cops involved received compensation from the drug smuggling protection network. Mike Klageas a former active duty Defense Intelligence agency officer was brought up front from Manatee County to supervise the FDLE's investigation of the McRae's murder and make sure the case would never be solved. Their protection crew came into Florida during the middle 80's after the assassination of Barry Seal who was to testify to a Baton Rouge federal grand jury, "the United States was in the drug business."

Seal was a high level player, excellent pilot, second cousin to the Bird who helped found the Medellín Cartel and worked for Carlos Marcello in New Orleans before working for the DEA and CIA. Barry's widow Debbie Seal came to visit with me for 3 days during 1999. Debbie and her children suffered much and are reported by a family member somewhat relieved Barry's story is coming to America's movie theaters this year in "Mena" starring Tom Cruise. The movie was set back a year from release due to the 2016 Presidential election as many Arkansas and southeast financial institutions and political leaders rose to power laundering illegal drug cash.

I am the only person alive to hear all Barry's secret tapes with his CIA-DEA handlers. He was paranoid about testifying and never made it to the grand jury as he was shot 19 times.

After a secret federal grand jury was convened at Atlanta, GA to investigate Gulf Power Company a subsidiary of Southern. I actively worked the case with a secret U.S. Justice Department task force headed by an experienced Iran/Contra counsel to Congress.

There were 6 or 7 Southern Company Vice-Presidents who had been murdered in a two week period. The most famous one was Vice-President Jake Horton. Horton's jet had been outfitted with a barometric white phosphorus incendiary bomb.

This is the story of how the bowels of America’s sewers floated to the top of society and became America’s political leadership driving the country into a constant state of turmoil, misery and shame. A Mafia State “Kleptocracy”, rule by Thieves, exactly like Vladimir Putin’s Russia of 2017.

Putin Put Trump in Office it was a well engineered plan by the Old KGB

A country ruled by angry mobs swayed by official half-truths, outright lies, propaganda, opinion and outrage. A stage and Audience planned by Putin’s KGB in the 1950’s by Leon Trotsky and “evil” Vladimir Lenin’s Communist thugs to fake Communism's death and come back inside America, our Intelligence agencies and Government to establish one-world-government to enslave us.

Eugene John Murrett invited his first cousin Lee to speak at Springhill College Jesuits Priests in July 1963 and here is the FBI file on Oswald’s appearance and speech below.

It must be noted that Murrett’s sister Doretha Murrett was an active CIA agent traveling Russia and far Eastern countries in 1963 when her first cousin Lee ended JFK’s life. The question we should ask is why America was never told the truth about President Kennedy

Robert Lasky - Mobile F.B.I. Chief

Since "Mr. Lasky has been Director of the FBI at Mobile, Alabama", many things have changed for the better. The FBI had been through a purge and healing process after infiltration by the KGB.

The Office of Inspector General at the Justice Department now run by Attorney General Jeff Sessions is investigating the Mobile F.B.I. Office and Director Comey of the F.B.I. to stop them from inquiring further into the many other Dope Bottom's in Alabama and North Florida where Russian involvement has established a powerful political Drug Cartel in America, one that has seized the reigns of political and judicial power.

In my opinion the American people should stand by FBI as non-partisan law enforcement and Domestic Intelligence Agency whose oath is to the American people.

Investigative Journalist John Burt Caylor

Over the years my associates and I have developed a Flow Chart linking many of the people and corporate players involved in Drug smuggling, Money Laundering operations that are protected by the United States government.  These people are involved In a RICO 18 U.S.C. ongoing criminal conspiracy and have used the money generated by their criminal Enterprise to gain power in the U.S. and install their own President Donald Trump. Bowen Ballard is a CIA General linked to Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood. He is a close friend of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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