Should Schools Ban Homework By:Zack okeefe

I think schools should ban homework because kids go to school for 7-8 hours of school and then our teachers give use extra work to do after school even though 70% of our day is school so the teachers just want our day to be eat breakfast go to school have lunch do more school go home do your homework and eat dinner and sleep and wake up and do the same thing for 5 days a week . Some teachers give homework on Friday which leads to home on the weekend which is just two days off from hard work so basically 6 out of 7 days a week you have homework. Also some teachers keep there kids in for PE and even rececs for extra tutoring which basically your hole day is tutoring.

Home work effects our life's for the kids and maybe the parents the reason is because when all your teachers give you Homework that is 30 minutes to 2 hours that may lead to 3-4 hours of home work which you would stay up till 12:00 at night because you need to eat dinner that can take 1 hour and home work which could take 4 hours that is crazy.

My opinion

I think schools should ban homework because use kids go to school for a long time and for the spare 3 hours after school we should play in the sun play game and family time. Some teachers believe in homework because they believe that if they do well in school they should feel better and not annoyed. There are some teachers that don't believe in homework because they think you should play. That is my opinion.

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