Water Scarcity Scares the entire community

Water is one of the major issues, besides electricity, in this hamlet. It is located near a village called Vembedu in Meyyur panchayat, Thiruvallur District. A particular community called “Irular”, scheduled tribe, lives here. There are approximately 40 to 45 houses in this hamlet. The village is isolated from other nearby villages, which have electricity and water connection. Intermittent jobs, unsteady employment, lack of opportunities made them lead an unstable life. They live in thatched houses; some of them were vanished in the “Vardha Cyclone”.

The water tanks are almost empty all through the year and, this is not unusual for the tribes in the hamlet. It doesn't have electricity connection which, in turn, makes the people suffer for water. These people depend on water from a nearby pond, which provides them with water during rainy seasons. The people also built an artificial trench around the water body so that the water doesn't flow out of the area.

The tank was donated by the Lions Club of Chennai. Unfortunately, the motor caught fire and became unusable. This is in a bad state. No one has come to overhaul the motor.

SAVIOR: The pond which saves the people of this hamlet. Though the water is contaminated, it doesn't let thirsty. Slime floats on the surface of the water and, the mud in the bed of the pond mixes with the water, makes it unsuitable to drink. The water is not only unpalatable but also unhealthy for consumption.

Women going to fetch water from the pond

This is their routine. Children's fall ill easily. Though the water is boiled, the bacteria is not died easily. Even, middle-aged persons are vulnerable to this condition. They fall ill and, the most difficult and inhumane issue is, they don't have accessibility to hospitals or medical shops. They have to travel approximately 3 kilometres to get medicines.

The Hamlet

The people don't ask for gold chains, houses or money. All they need is clean water.

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