The Permian Period By: Maria, Caleb, Vic

How many years ago was the permian period? the permian period was from 299 to 251 million years ago

what is the origin of the name of your time period? pertaining to a period of the paleo .

  • Because Pangaea was so immense, the interior portions of the continent had a much cooler, drier climate than had existed in the Carboniferous.

How many years ago was the permian period? The permian period was from 299 to 251 million years ago

what is the origin of the name of your time period? Pertaining to a period of the paleoz

What geological features made up the earth?

  • Bugs, with mouthparts modified for piercing and sucking plant materials, evolved during the Permian

Were there any ice ages or extinctions? Rodinia fragmented into Gondwana,and smaller continents made up of bits and pieces of the land that would eventually make up today's northern continents.There was in ice age in the Ordovician which caused glaciers to form sending sea levels downward

What was the climate like? the polar regions were covered with deep layers of ice, the tropics were covered in swampy forests. Towards the middle of the period the climate became warmer and milder, the glaciers receded lack of nearby bodies of water. The drying tendency continued through to the late Permian, along with alternating warming and cooling periods.

How were the earths contintinents arranged? Gondwana moved further south during the Ordovician, while the smaller continents started to move closer together,There was a correspondingly large single ocean, called Panthalassa

What type of living thing inhabited the the earth?plants,gymnosperms,short palm,cycads and the gingko. Arthropods ,bugs, with mouthparts modified for piercing and sucking plant materials,cicadas and beetles.

On land, the giant swamp forests of the Carboniferous(the Carboniferous period or the system of rocks deposited during it) began to dry out. The mossy plants that depended on spores for reproduction were being replaced by the first seed-bearing plants, the gymnosperms.

Why did animals and plants go extinct? some, point to the evidence of casastrophic volcanic activity others think it could be glaciations because volcanic eruptions lead to a rapid cooling in global tempatures "nuclear winter"

Scientists estimate that more than 95 percent of marine species became extinct and more than 70 percent of land animals.

what animals were in the marine life? Fossils of the shallower coastal waters around the Pangaea continental shelf indicate that reefs were large and diverse ecosystems with numerous sponge and coral species. Ammonites, brachiopods. The lobe-finned and spiny fish .

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