lost on watakie

we were stranded on island to fend for our selves and we all were given a job.we had protect and help and watch out for one another.we had 4 rules dont go out at night , dont kill each other , do your job , and travel in 2s. my main job at the camp was to find the food Stephen's job was to find water Ryan's job was to build the shelter and fire and Jonathon job was to help Stephen.

Ralph is a fair boy who became the chief after he blow the conch shell and called for all the boys and held a meeting.when he gets excited he does a headstand or a handstand.

we have found out through out the book that it is important to keep the fire going so in case a ship comes they will see the smoke.

Ralph - fair (8), 12 years old (10), arrogant (didn't ask Piggy his name (11))

Piggy:is a fat boy whos hair never grows he complains alot and always whines to Ralph

Jack:he thinks hes better than everyone and is leader of the hunters he lies to get himself out of trouble and does not care about anyone else

Simon:hes a quit kid whos doesnt like to speek in front of people and always hangs out with piggy and Ralph

Sam and Eric:are two twins that mostly stay with each other and are in charge of watching the fire

Roger:rodger is jacks second hand man and always does what jack and ralph tell him to


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