The Lynx

By Miroslav Vazgec

Lynx are mammals. Lynxes can be tan, gray, and white. Lynxes can be 1.8 to 25 feet tall. And it weighs 4 to 66 pounds. They walk on 4 legs. Lynxes family members are cats, lions, and tigers.

The lynx is a omnivore (eats meat and plants). Lynxes usually eat rabbits ,and dear. Lynxes often hunt alone. Lynx have many sources of food they eat elks, humans, rabbits, deer, and grass.

Linx live in the forest (Taiga). Lynx live in the places with cold temperatures and short rainy summers. lynxes make their own den. lynxes do not live with others.

Lynx have thick layers of fur to survive and big sharp claws to fight they also are very fast so they can get threw snow and they also are very fast that’s why they escape a lot.

Lynxes enemies are wolves, and human. The lynx fights and hides to protect itself.

Here are 5 facts about lynx 1. Liberia lynx won’t breed (rabbits their main prey) are scarce. 2. lynx can smell up to 300 miles (1,000 feet) away. 3. lynx have big claws to get threw snow. 4. lynx often hunt small mammals. 5. lynx is one of the most dangerous animal in the taiga.


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