UX/UI Design Project David nicol

Week 1

This week we were given our first part of the brief for our UX/UI design. The first task was to break into groups and find out what the problems were, the problems being what we had to create to appeal to the brief. During our group work we discovered that we had to create an app for students and landlords to help rent accommodation in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Our second task was to go off on our own and create a persona for th esort of person who may use the app. I was given the task of creating a profile for a student whereas some of the others in my group had the task of making a landlord profile. The personas are to help us get an understanding of what should be in the app.

Week 2

This week we had to create a site map for our app. Our first task was to deconstruct a website and make a site plan from that. The website was a renting website so it allowed us to see what should and what shouldn't be in our apps. We had to answer the following questions Ask yourself the following questions: • What aspects of the site do you least like ? • Should any content be added or removed from the site? • Could the main main categories of information be redistributed into new categories?

Our second task was for us to create a site plan for our app using bits of card. this would allow us to see if we needed to add anything we had missed or if there was stuff in our plans that we didn't need. We then spilt into groups and got our peers to test how well the site plan worked, we would them Incorporate their opinions into our app. we then went on to illustrator and made a digital version of our site plan.

Our third task this week was to make our paper prototypes. For this task we drew up how we wanted our app to look in quick sketches onto a cut out of a phone layout. We had to think about positioning and how big each individual component was so that we could give the user the best possible experience. we then had to go and get 3 users to test our paper prototype and note down any feedback they gave us. we then had to incorporate that feedback into making a final site map.

Week 3

This week our task was to create our digital wire frames. These wire frames are basically the digital version of our paper ones, meaning that we are just focusing on layout and functionality instead of colour and images. These wire frames will be the ones we take forward to our final designs by later adding colour, images and a more detailed design.

Week 4/5

These weeks our task was to create 2 moodboards and 2 style tiles. Our moodboards were to be A2 and were to contain images that we felt provoked ideas for app design. We were to explore textures and images of apps already created along with images that had nice colours and a nice layout to them. We could also use images of bedrooms that used our colours as the app is renting app. For my 2 moodboards I went with one blue and one red layout, this allowed me to get a sense of what colours i could use that were very opposite.

Our style tiles had to be A3 and they had to be specific to our app than the moodboards. So we had to explore possible logos, typefaces, colour palettes, and textures. The elements created would then be carried forward in the app itself.

Week 6

This week we had to create 6 photoshop mock ups for presentation. Our mock ups would contain screens from our design and we had to do 3 mock ups for each concept. The mock ups would be presented on a A3 page an should be annotated appropriately. Each page was to include our name. Once we had completed our mock ups we had to present them to the class on the 3rd of November.

Week 7/8

These weeks our task was to create our working prototype on invision with working buttons and full layout. We had to create a minimum of 10 screens for submission. I found this process relativity as invision is very nice to work with, the software flows well and it made creating my app a simple process.

Week 9

This week was submission week and we had to present our work to the lecturer following the correct submission requirements.

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