colors and meanings by torianna carter

purple means royalty, luxury, and ambition

blue means depth, or stability

pink means love, or romance

red means a lot of things such as war, anger , strength, or power

gold means illumination, wisdom or wealth

green means freshness or growth

yellow means joy or happiness

violet means love and faithfulness

brown means a lot of different things like home, wood , stone, warmth, honesty , reliability and elegance there's more also.


Created with images by Alexas_Fotos - "smilies yellow funny" • © Axel Naud - "Purple flower" • Bitterjug - "Blue" • FeeBeeDee - "Pink Seamless" • ai3310X - "Red" • Hans - "snow landscape snowfield back light" • marc falardeau - "VERY GREEN" • Nick Kenrick.. - "The free spirit carried on whisper wind wings" • Muffet - "violets" • zdenet - "hen pets poultry"

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