This week we have been talking about pirates. The children enjoyed sharing their knowledge saying that pirates have treasure maps and this can help them find treasure. Some children said that a pirate needs a ship to sail and they need to wear a patch on their eye. The children had some good ideas and did a great job drawing pirates and making ships. Over the next couple of weeks we will explore pirates in more detail.

This week we have also been looking at and comparing the eye colour of the children in class. We made a graph to record this.

During Circle Time we played a social interaction game where the children passed a ball around the circle. The children then said their name as they were holding the ball. Some children were even confident to talk about what they like best about nursery.
We had lots of fun playing in the castle area this week and the children displayed lovely imagination to pretend that they were pirates who had discovered a castle. I’m sure they even found some treasure. The children built their castles using the Duplo bricks in their independent play.