concussion Jonathan NK

Jonathan was 17 years old, Junior in MacArthur high school. Jonathan got hit in the head while playing football and he was knocked out, he got up and continued playing couple minutes went by he got hit again in the head

Jonathan was told by his doctor that he was lucky to survive. It took him a year to recover from it, the process of recovery hasn't been easy for Jonathan and his family. His parents spent a lot of time and money trying to help him get better.

His symptoms continued, He suffered with serious daily headaches and a list of other symptoms. The hardest symptom for him to face through his recover was everything mental and emotional.

Jonathan recovered from it he doesn't have any physical symptoms like headaches, dizziness and nausea daily, He learned ways to manage the pain and figured out what helps and what doesn't when he was suffering.

He continued taking his medications and everything that could help him, now he's healthy and he's living a normal life just like he never went through all this tough journey.



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