Sharing the Full Gospel. Bethel Music creating confused Fans of Jesus instead of committed followers

This picture shows a girl who is obviously a sports fan. Does she know the players personally? She probably does not.

These people are fans at a concert. Do they know the singer or band personally? They probably do not.

Lastly, this picture shows fans of celebrities trying to capture images of them; but do they actually know them? The point is that these are simply fans who do not have a personal relationship with their obsessions. Similarly, if the gospel is not presented in it's fullness to people, then it is possible that fans of Jesus are created but not true followers. A follower of Jesus is taught that they can know Jesus personally.

These Pictures all together tell the story of the Gospel. Each image shows a part of the story that is crucial.
When someone hears the full gospel and chooses to become a follower of Jesus, they are set free. They are free from the bondage of sin and shame.
It is important to present the gospel in it's entirety because it creates a life change within people. Those who understand and accept the gospel have a new life. This new life includes prayer, worship, studying the Bible, and serving others. Sharing the full gospel creates an opportunity to make true followers of Christ.
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Becca Jones


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