Boat Design Project By: Linde fraai

'The Horizon' still in the making process of TinkerCAD
Buoyancy is when an object is able to float in a liquid. ‘The Buoyant Force’ is an upward pull in a liquid, causing objects with a weight less than or equal to the weight of displaced water of the object to float. Therefore, I have created ‘The Horizon’ the way it is. With the hollow floats on the side to prevent water from entering the hollow middle making it heavier, and a greater possibility to sink. Also I chose a Kiel for‘The Horizon’ so that with heavy storms and heavy weight ‘The Horizon’ wouldn’t lean to a side and dip in the water. This is to prevent it from becoming unstable. An object is stable when it has a firm grip on the ground or in this case the water, and isn’t toppling over or wobbling.
How I found the weight of Final Boat!
How I found the weight of displaced water by the final boat!
The table below states the results and explains why The Horizon floats.
By examining the table above it is proven that the boat I have created (The Horizon) is able to float with at least three coins on board. The Horizon does indeed follow the rules I have stated above, to allow it to float, because the Weight of Boat (0.181 N) is smaller than the Weight of Displaced Water (0.19 N) and thus The Horizon is able to float.
The Horizon floating in water
The Horizon holding coins.
Strengths & Weaknesses of The Horizon
The biggest mistake in the making process of The Horizon was the hole in one of the floats. I believe I haven't checked the site allowing me to see any mistakes in The Horizon properly. The hole in the side of The Horizon created an opportunity for water to seep into the boat making the Weight of Boat heavier than the Weight of Displaced Water and eventually causing it to sink. I tried to prevent this by sticking Duct Tape over the hole, and I ended up with positive outcomes but in the end it still caused problems with the 'coin testing', and The Horizon wasn't able to hold more than 4 coins & turbulence combined.
Not many people had holes in their boats, which means I was lazy with checking on holes and mistakes. Next time I will surely check more thorough and examine any unusual things on the Cure site. Further, I had a good stable design, and I believe the difference why other boats could handle more coins and why The Horizon couldn't, was simply because I had a fairly small design unlike others who printed their's bigger. I am happy with my design and I love my fantastic boat: THE HORIZON


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