What is Laurisilva of Madeira?

The Laurisilva located in a small island along portugal which is in the area are high humidity and is relatively stable with mild temperatures, it also getts plenty rainfall throughou the year.. The forest is characterized with broadleaf trees species and bright green glossy and extended leaves. It’s specific to wet forest floors to sealevel to high in the mountaons. Cloud forests are found on mountain slopes where the dense moisture from the sea or ocean is precipitated as warm moist air masses blowing off the ocean

This is how the forest of Laurisilva of madeira, portugal floor look,with the huge rain it gets and humidity.
Laurisilva forest has small waterfall with branches of different trees and plants

Why does Laurisilva forest is important to earth??

Laurisilva forest is significant because it home to thousands of different species to animals and flowers. It also it's a safe place for endangered plants and undiscovered animals.The property provides a wealth of ecological niches, complex food webs and examples of coevolution of species. A large proportion of its plants and animals are unique to the laurel forest, and it is larger than and with significant differences to other laurel forest areas. Endemic trees belonging to the Lauraceae family such as the Barbusano Apollonias barbujana.

Isoplexis sceptrum is a type of flowers species that may seen growing along waterfalls or water.
Another example of another beautiful purple flower in Laurisilva forest.

Why should we keep Laurisilva of Madeira in Great conditions??

A small number of permits is to local people for limited collection common tree heather in the higher zones. Although declining, this use needs to be monitored and kept within levels that do no harm to the forest. Management of the areas to the property needs to fully consider its great Value, in relation to the potential for introduction of alien invasive species,and forest fires.Great care is needed to both to protect the forest and to provide for safe visitor access, especially in relation to possible increases in visitors. Taking care of Laurisilva Forest can open the trails for visitors like you to walk to your destination without a problem.

A forest fire outbreak in Portugal damaged a lot of home in near by villages.
Beautiful view of the valleys in the Madeira Forest in Portugal

What to expect on your trip (:

A trip to Laurisilva of Madeira is a quite a trip. You’ll have to fly over a great piece of the ocean if you're located in the Unites States to an island in Portugal. There will be a lodge a few 20 minute away from Laurisilva Forest, It has a beautiful view of the mountains around you'll be sleeping at. If you will also go a little bit down from the lodge there will be a small restaurant and 20 minutes away there will a small village ,Ribeira Brava, Portugal where you can go look along the shore and also buy some Souvenirs. Once you get to the mountain you’ll be doing a lot of walking so bring comfortable shoes.

Crystal blue water view of the sea along the shore.
Madeira Forest is along Portugal and North Africa. Between Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

Ribeira Brava, Portugal small village.

The village is along the shore of the Atlantic ocean

At night when the sun starts going down the light of the village brightens and releases a great view.

Five star Recommend (:

It's a really beautiful place to go and travel if you're a big fan of nature. You'll get a chance to see all types of different flowers and explore new food(If you love seafood I will recommend Laurisilva of Madeira,Portugal they are known for having great seafood.

Some famous seafood plates in Portugal
Water way along a steep walking path in the forest.

If any questions or concerns visit their website.

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