Valentine's Day Stereotypes

"It is important to me. I spend Valentine's day with my boyfriend." Nalani Renta

One day out of the three-hundred and sixty five days we have a year, the world is filled with mixed emotions. This day is known as Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. We celebrate this Hallmark holiday on Feb. 14. Some students choose to spend Valentine's Day going out to dinner or a movie and some choose to go on with their every day life.

"I work because it's a Wednesday. It's just a regular day to me," senior Cassidy Spinale said.

For some the holiday is just another day; no reason to spice it up. Those who have a significant other may also spend it with them.

"I'm going to spend time with my girlfriend this year and eat lots of chocolate," senior Jared Turski said.

Buying roses, chocolate, going out to dinner, and seeing a movie are just a few things that come to mind when thinking of this special day. Though a lot of things may have changed through the years, Valentine's Day is not one of them.

"In high school I would spend Valentine's Day with my father," teacher Mrs. Mydlarz said. "We would start off with getting our box of candy- which we could not wait for- and then finishing with going out to dinner."

Valentine's Day only comes once a year so some may view it as this huge day to go all out, but some also just want quality time with their special someone.

"It is an important day to me. I spend Valentine's day with my boyfriend," senior Nalani Renta said. "No matter what we do, as long as we're together that's all that matters."

For some who have not spent a Valentine's Day with their special someone before, they are optimistic about what is to come. For those not too optimistic, I recommend that you find a new "special someone."

"I am looking forward to making memories this year," senior Jared Turski said.

Valentine's Day may happen to land on a practice day for those athletes out there.

"Last year on Valentine's Day I was left at cheer practice because my parents forgot about me," junior Gina Suchoski said.

There are also those out there in the world who do not celebrate Valentine's day. They choose to stay at home or go out, but completely disregard love and all that it entails.

"In my family we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, but when I was younger we used to go to friends houses and hangout." sophomore Cameron Smale said.

For those on a normal 17-year-old's budget, you should check out local stores the day after Valentine's Day.

"The best part is the day after Valentine's Day, because that's when all of the chocolate goes on sale," senior Emily Ciraulo said.

Valentine's Day is so much more than relationships, expensive dinners, and remembering to buy a gift. Valentine's Day is there to show love to those around you and let those that you appreciate know how much they mean to you. Spend it with your family, spend it with your special someone, or spend it alone, but remember to spread some love around.


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