The Life of Benjamin Powell Successful bUilder

This is armor used by the English. It was mainly used to deflect Powhatan arrows. It gave the English then upper hand while fighting the Powhatan. The only disadvantage about the armor was that the armor was very heavy. But the English were usually defending so they were probably standing still.

This is the replica of the Susan Constant which was one of the ships that came to Jamestown. At this exhibit we looked at three different ships, Susan constant, Godspeed, and discovery. We looked at some of the other tools sailors used for direction and the way they got to Jamestown, such as the Gimble compass, which was a large compass.

I Benjamin Powell have gone to the cooper very often in my building career I use the barrels to transport building materials, such as bricks and other building blocks. I also loved the mugs they had for drinking beer. The ropes they made were very attractive and helped with carrying buckets of paint.

Here are pictures of the inside of the cooper. The cooper makes barrels. The barrels are used for transporting goods. It was easy to transport goods using barrels. The way to make a barrels you take the top hoop and line the wooden planks inside the top hoop. Then you take the other hoop and put the hoop on the other side, then hammer them down so it makes the barrel sturdy. Barrels could vary between the amount of hoops depending of the size of the barrel. A smaller barrel may only use two metal hoops. But a bigger size barrel may use three or four. Barrel making was in the fashion at this time and you could make a good profit selling barrels.

I Benjamin Powell have only dreamed of visiting the Governor's Palace. Since I am a middling sort I am rarely invited to high occasions like a dinner at the Governor's palace. As you can see the guns showed here represent the governor's power. They also show the Governors power in war and there influence on the colony of Virginia. I once had been invited to there because on my building accomplishments. I prepared greatly and made sure to practice my dancing and bowing. I was so excited to go and have only heard legends of the governors mansion. Then after going I had a good night and was remembered as a gentlemen. The indoors were beautiful and sleek. You could feel the authority as you stepped into this room.

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