Happy Dog Adventures Awesome HIkes for your Dog, Peace of MInd for you!

The Happy Dog Adventures Story

It began with a tiny spark.

Happy Dog Adventures began as a tiny spark, when I discovered that hiking with dogs was a pivotal part of my recovery from depression. Being in nature and experiencing the unbridled joy and curiosity of off-leash dogs was so healing for me that I started to wonder if I could build a business doing exactly that.

i Wondered how to grow the spark.

Wondering led to the inception of Happy Dog Adventures, the ultimate hat trick in mutual benefits—adventure for dogs, peace of mind for owners, and continued healing for me.

The more I healed, the more room I had to wonder and dream.

I began to recognize that the value of Happy Dog Adventures went far beyond a simple dog hike. My clients were finding that their relationships with their dogs improved, that their dogs listened better, and were happier, healthier, and more confident. Owners who were suddenly stuck at home with restless dogs during the pandemic quarantine had a way to give their dogs the adventure they craved, with off-leash hikes that fulfilled their instinctual needs to explore, play, and socialize with other pups.

I kept nurturing the spark and following my curiosity.

I took courses in understanding pack behavior, reading dog language, and using positive training methods. I use that training—combined with experience and intuition—to build healthy packs for our adventures. I get to know each dog, so I can help bring out the best in them and see which of my daily dog packs they’ll thrive with.

now we're a family.

When I take on a new client, I am truly inviting them into the Happy Dog family. I’m not just building a dog-hiking business. I’m building a beautiful community, with joy, healing, and authenticity at its center.

In this family, we know that:

  • it can all begin with a spark
  • we can all find joy, meaning, and purpose in the world
  • deep healing can happen, if we're willing
  • wonder and curiosity can lead us to our next adventure

Our Next Adventure.

Where’s my curiosity taking me now? I’m wondering what magic will emerge from my quest to buy 35+ acres of land within an hour of Denver to create Happy Dog Adventure Park—a new home base for the Happy Dog family, complete with hiking trails, camping sites, and open space. What will be possible when everyone in the family has access to the healing benefits of being in nature with a happy pack of off-leash dogs? I can’t wait to find out!

Visit our website and Instagram to say "Hello! Woof!" and to learn more.

Happy dog adventures

Anya Jane, Leader of the Pack




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Penny and Wilder take a rest after a good wrestling match!
Cooling off in the creek to beat the Summertime heat! Georgia, Shredley, Penny, Jaz and Karl
Say Cheese! Lady, Georgia, Shredley and Clara smile and wait for a treat!
Wilder loves the wild, especially the rocks and snow!
Lady digs up a big snow covered root!
Sisters, Althea and Stella exploring in open space.
Karl takes Jaz for a walk, what a good friend!
Satisfied customer! Rocky falls asleep after her Happy Dog Adventure
Wilder and Michael (Happy Dog Pack Leader) share a special moment on the trail