Santorini, Greece Volcano and hot Springs


Today’s activity took us on a boat cruise out to the islet of Nea Kameni, which is home to an active volcano that some many years ago (try 3600 years) successfully wiped out all civilisation on Crete after an eruption caused a 30m tsunami that had the place cleaned up in about 20min!

The last eruption was about 57 years ago... Due to its active state we got to enjoy its warm thermal waters in one of the bays where the water changes colour from blue to green to yellow and then to brown due to the high sulphuric content from the volcano!

We are struggling to pack any more activities into our day as eating and watching sunrise and sunsets always seem to take up a large chunk of the day!

I’ll now let the photos do the talking...

Let’s see what the little piggies have been up to...

Volcano and Hot Springs Outing

Anyone for a donkey?

What about another sunset?

For those slightly more technically challenged than most, below is a video from our balcony. You’ll need to click on the “play” symbol to get it to play...

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