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Kim went from most famous Kardashian ever,to not so remembered that often.

As we know for years,Kim and her familey have been the famous hotline. For their drama,show,and money! Publicity and fans will never have enough from them...but after the treacherous robbery incident it's likeley we weren't gonna be hearing from the big star Kim Kardashian. And months later Kim had a Stricking roll back to social media,but she hasn't recovered the genuine fame she's always had. To updating her app with photos that you can see for free on her Instagram,her photos are low quality and fuzzy in some shots as all of her new Instagrams and photos are now poliroids. Making her photos less appealing then they were before. Kim ussaly gained up to 10 million followers ever two months or so with Iconic emoji apps or "when u have no clothes". Yes,Kim and her fam ussaly have a good way of regaining fame back and also a little extra fans,but no one said they'd stick around for eternity. It's acctuly not possible and when the end does come it will be a little hard to comprehend becuase we see Kim and her sisters EVERYWERE. But that doesn't mean the whole Kardashian klan is ending it means Kim's light might be over pretty soon. Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been stealing almost 75% of fortune and fans from Kim's stand point. Khloes denim line only raked up her fame status to 20% more, and Kourtney isn't as up their as Kendall and Kylie. Kim has dropped though in times of being, most people say the robbery was a publicity stunt for more fame,but instead of that its dramatically made a difference in Kim kardashains career

Why do you think Kim might be dropping in fame?? Give us a thought or two

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