Persuasive Essay Topic: more children should be supported to go in the music Industry


Do you want your child to be an engineer or a doctor? Well most parents do and nowadays it has become a competition to get into these two great fields. Of course because of this lots of people have started to forget that music "lives" or that it is still a very high paying career opportunity. Children have been stressed and pressured just to learn so they can become a doctor/engineer. Music is also a soothing way to calm yourself or not be stressed for work. It has been proven that music helps you concentrate better. Plus it is very good for campaigning ideas or sharing thoughts to the world. Therefore I certainly agree that more and more parents support this career option.

To begin with, workers in the music industry are paid very well and there is a lot of opportunity. Starting from just a random ad jingle and going up to music composition it is a very free, creative and relaxing job since the choice is up to you. All musicians have to do is match their music to the type of atmosphere they want their music to be like. This is basically another great way of earning by doing something that they want to do or they will enjoy. Plus music can be taught to people so teaching music is also a very popular career as it is a fun recreational activity for kids to enjoy and do in their spare time or for a band or group music activity. The point is that there is an endless amount of career scope and it will only be an advantage to you.

As was mentioned before lot of students are stressed or overwhelmed with the amount of work and undestanding for other sujects. Music is a study subject that doesn't need alot of memorising, as lots of students that play music either play songs with the assistance of sound as they can hear and play music and sight which is basically just reading notes and playing them on the specific instruments. This way there is not much stress and it is basically an easier subject to study. This doesn't mean that musician don't know much. Instead musicians are really smart as they use both sides of their brain rather than just the left or right brain. How they use both side of the brain is that they have to use the left to figure out what tempo and time signature it should be played at and the right is to find which two notes sound go together and how many times to take a rest and play to see if it sounds good.

To continue on music is a great way to spread a message or express or personal thoughts on a topic like for example women rights or peace in the world. If people agree with such thoughts or ideas then they wil share the song to share the message with other. It is a creative and smart way to protest for something rather than shouting or holding up sign boards. These thing are usually a waste of time because only some people find out and it only happens once rather then songs which can be played on an endless loop on phones, radios and many more devices. Plus alot more people from this generation are music fans and song lovers so they would support the songs produced for a protest.

Overall I'm hopeful that these arguements have convinced you to see why music is a great industry. It's not just rhythmic tunes played to make a harmonious sound but it is a highly beneficial career option, it reduces stress levels of people resulting in more happier and stable lives and finally it is a great way to campaign a protest or something in the world that you believe should not be happening that many other people can connect to and support the arguement or idea. Plus if you are still not convinced then try listen to one of your favourite songs. Why do you love it? You love it because it expresses you or your thoughts/likes. This is why more people should follow the music career path.

The end!!


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