On March 17th, 1895, a man named David Drive, arrived home drunk, after a reunion with some friends. On that night, him and his wife, Edith Drive, were having a discussion. Out of nowhere, David took out a knife from the kitchen and stabbed Edith five times on her stomach. By the time their son, Jack, woke up from his sleep, he found his mother lying on the floor dead with his father next to her with the knife on his hand. But the question is, why would he just kill his wife out of nowhere besides being on drugs? What is David hiding?
Melissa Winters, known as one of the best private detectives there is, was suspicious about why David would kill his wife after an argument?
On the next day, Melissa went over to the Drive’s house and started to look around the house to see if she could find anything that was out of the ordinary. The only thing she found was a gun and a bunch of overdue payments.
After looking through the whole house, she decided to go talk to their son Jack. Jack is a 6 year old boy, who is really innocent and smart. When Melissa went over to talk to him, at first he wouldn't answer any of the questions. “Do you know what your parents were arguing about?” Asked Melissa and still no answer, “Have they been arguing like that for while?” and the only thing she got from him was a nodding saying yes.
By the time she was done talking to Jack, Melissa went to visit David in jail. Once she arrived Melissa went over to David's prison cell and started to ask him questions. Why? What are your reasons? Was this all about the argument? All Melissa could get out of David were mumbles but nothing was really clear. Melissa was confused;however, she did not give up. David started to talk clearly but all he would say would be “I didn't want to, it wasn't my fault”. By now David was crying and he was as confused as Melissa. She tried to calm David down to get through the case. “David, what were your reasons of doing what you did that night?” Asked Melissa. “I'm sorry, my reasons were the pressure, that's the reason why I took drugs and drank a lot that night, it was all too much for me, having to take care of my kid and take care of other people so that they can be well too, I snapped and acted out on pressure”.
Things became clear to Melissa, but one simple reason wasn't enough for her she asked David if anything else had happened and David didn't respond. “That night you and Mrs. Drive had an argument, any words about that?” said Melissa.” I know what your thinking and no that argument was random, I did not act that way because of our argument” replied David. “Then what was it all about...the argument?” asked Melissa. “That night Edith and I had that argument over my obsession on drinking and taking those drugs. To me it was like as if she didn't get my responsibility and well because of how much I had drank that night we both lost control”.
During that visit Melissa learned that there was more to the story than that argument, than what had happened the night of the accident. She left the prison cell and thanked David for his collaboration.
Melissa decided that the next time she would go to the prison cell she would bring Jack along with her and maybe it would help her get more answers. However, she had to talk to Jack first about how he would feel about going to see his father in jail. “Jack,” asked Melissa, “are you sure you want to do this?” ".....yes." said Jack.
Once they arrived in jail to visit David, Jack wouldn’t say anything or look at him. He would just stare at the floor and play around with his hands. “So what is it that you are hiding from us?” asked Melissa. “Alright fine I’ll talk,” said David, “but please, all I want is for my son to live a better life.” “He will. Now please tell us what is it that you are hiding?” continued Melissa.
“So, before I got married to Edith,” he began telling the story, “I would sell drugs to other people, and by the time I met Edith, I wanted to stop but I my buyers would threatened me and my family. So the years passed and I would try my best to not interfere my family with the dealing, but that night when I murdered Edith, my buyers forced me to take the drugs and I had no idea about what I was doing. In the end when Jack woke up, I couldn’t do anything but to just stand by her.” When he was done telling his part of the story, everything made much more sense because in reality he was just a truck driver and to think about how he would get the extra money.

The days passed, and the case that Melissa was working on was closed, and she began to go back to her old life. Until …………

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