Call for Papers 2017

Humanity is a postgraduate student journal collaboratively run by the University of Newcastle and Macquarie University for the humanities and social science disciplines. The theme for the upcoming issue of Humanity will be ‘Chrysalis’.

The word ‘chrysalis’ comes from the 17th century Greek word for ‘gold’, and represents the hard, metallic sheen on the pupae of the emerging butterfly. The caterpillar builds its chrysalis, and weeks later emerges as a beautiful creature that was long believed to be something completely unrelated to the humble caterpillar. Just as the caterpillar transforms itself, so too does the HDR student undergo many transformations.

There are numerous transformations associated with the HDR experience. Most obviously is the research itself, where the student transforms into the teacher, the bearer of knowledge. As HDR students, it is our mission to contribute new and upcoming ideas to our respective fields. This transformation takes old ideas, forgotten ideas, stale ideas and transforms them into new, exciting and innovative contributions to the world of research.

We have selected this theme with one thing in mind: change and innovation. As a journal that promotes interdisciplinary research and aims to provide a platform to showcase postgraduate student research, we endeavoured to select a theme that would inspire students to consider how they are taking old ideas and making them new again, transforming the caterpillar into the butterfly.

The Humanity team invites postgraduate students from across the humanities and social science disciplines to consider how their research builds on existing ideas, or reinvents old ideas to create something new and innovative.

Papers submitted to Humanity should ideally be between 4500 and 5500 words including all references, headers and graphics. It is unlikely that papers shorter than 4000 words would be accepted, but papers a little longer than 5500 words may be considered providing the content is relevant and interesting, and adheres to the journal theme. Please review the Humanity Journal website for style guides and author directives.

To submit an article for possible publication in Humanity, please email your finalised paper to by October 31st. There will be a quick turnaround on revisions with a view to publish in early December 2017

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Megan, Ash and Nicole - Humanity Editors

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