Explore The Outdoors! A positivity page by vanya bramasco

Nature is a beautiful thing, you should appreciate it. You can use nature to relax and calm yourself. You can even use it to cheer you up! Bullies make your good day a bad day.

Anyways it's always fun to be with nature, you can dance play and even be weird. So just have fun in nature

A fun part of nature is... ANIMALS. If you see a cat you could say, hey kitty you feline good today! You can do PUNS like these:

OMG the crabs are so shelfish, they don't even care!

So shelfish!

Me: do you know who she is

Owl: whoo whoo

Get it!

Why was the lizard thirsty? Because it was Thirstday

So thirsty

That one was random

.Okay that was fun but remember to..... stay pawsitive!

So Pawsitive!

There are so many things to do to stay positive! Just have fun! And be free! Or be tree! Have fun and climb trees!

Be tree

That was fun but remember to explore the outdoors and have fun with nature! Even if it's not a sunny day there are still good things in nature to have fun with. Just have fun with nature!


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