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About Me:

I’m Shay. I am fifteen, almost sixteen. I’ve grown up in the suburbs outside of New Pretty Town. You know, the exact same way as any other previous littlie and present ugly you’ll meet. If you know anything about anything, you probably know that I’m supposed to turn pretty soon, according to the unvarnished rules of this society. I have until September 9th. But, I’ve grown to sort of loathe the setup of the life I live in. I don’t want to be pretty like everyone else is. Call me crazy, but I’d actually like to experience diversity.

Latest Blog Entry:

Last night, I had a very interesting experience. I was spying around New Pretty Town (as usual). I was watching the fireworks erupt from their preppy little town, the sky filled with beautiful shades and hues of synthetic chemicals. You know, typical happenings from New Pretty Town. I was beginning to get bored watching the repetition and I was about to head back, when i heard the ear-ringing alarm going off in the city.
At first, I thought it was me, and the panic sent me running. However, the lack of anything happening near me convinced me otherwise. I stood up and looked over the bushes. Then, this girl BUNGEE-JUMPED off of a roof top from INSIDE of New Pretty Town! Talk about cool! When she got to the ground she took it off and bolted in my direction. Now, I had no idea who this girl was, and there was still a worry in the back of my mind that I had something to do with it. When she got too close I hid, and I waited. It was quiet for a while until the crack of a stick stung the silence. Then, I saw her.
She was an ugly, just like me. That’s when I knew I was safe. It’s also when I realized that that was the best trick I’ve ever seen! Her name is Tally, and it turns out that she has the same birthday as me. That means that we will be turning pretty on the same day. She seemed pretty excited about it, no pun intended. I could tell already that we have very different perspectives on the whole idea, though. But, it's okay. we don't need to be the same in order to be friends, which is what i hope we soon become. i just wonder what this new friend will bring...

My Interests, Skills, & Favorites:

1. hoverboarding
2. doing tricks/pulling pranks
3. traveling & exploring
4. spying on new pretty town
5. being different
6. rusty history
7. learning


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