Southern Africa Pages 377-396

Lesson 1

Land forms and bodies of Water

  1. There are Desert and the Zambezi
  2. There are plains and the Limpopo
  3. There is the orange drain and the mountains


1. Africa has mountains that are in Storm berg-Drakensberg

2.Africa also has plains which is used for farmland.

3.Africa as well has desert which is located over by Botswana

Bodies Of Water

1.There is the Orange Drain

2.There is also the Zambezi

3.Finally there is Limpopo and all of these are bodies of water

  1. Question: Which type of land form is common in Southern Africa
  2. Anwser:The desert

Climate-Tropic Capricorn

1.The main conditions are surrounding Oceans and the altitude

2.South Africa has plenty of dry and sunny days.

Temperature Zone

1.The Sahara has ecological break

2.It is a hot semi-arid climate in the Sahel

Desert Regions

1.The Kalahari Desert is a large semi-arid desert

2.They have three deserts in the deserts in the continents the Sarah the Kalahari and the Namib

Questions and Answers

  1. Question:Why are temperatures in Southern Africa’s tropical countries generally not hot
  2. Anwser:It is a wet-dry climate and gets 70 inches of rain per year
  3. Question:What natural resources are found in Southern Africa, and why are they important
  4. Answer:Gold,Diamond ,Iron and copper.It is worth a lot and can help them out when they need money.
  5. Question:How does deforestation affect the energy supply in the region
  6. Answer:It can effect it by taking trees away which can help by giving oxygen.
  7. Question:Which type of landform is common in Southern Africa
  8. Anwser:The desert is the common in Southern Africa

South Africa's Resources

1.There are diamonds which other countries try to steal from them

2. There is coal which is what they use to get money and for fires

Energy Resources

1. They use natural gas as a energy resource

2. They also use coal ignite as a energy resource

Mineral and Other Resources

1. The minerals they have in southern Africa is chromium, manganese,cobalt and uranium

2.They have lots of wheat and other farming materials

Wild Life

1. There are hippos, rhinoceros , lions, and elephants

Lesson 2

History of Southern Africa Rise of Kingdoms

1.They have inhabited for thousands of years

Great Zimbabwe

1.Great Zimbabwe was the largest of similar cities throughout the year

2.It is a ruined city in Southern Africa

The Mutapa Empire

1.The Mutapa Empire thrived on gold

2.It was a Shona Empire

Other Kingdoms

1.Some of the early kingdoms were influenced Arab, and Muslim

2.Those early kingdoms made the other people make their own kingdoms

European Colonies

1. European countries established settlements along the African coast

Clashes in Southern Africa

1.The Africans didn't like the Dutch pushing into their land

The Union of South Africa

1.Wars in Europe gave Britain control of the Cape colony in the early 1800's

Colonialism in Other Areas

1.European control in Southern Africa continued for about the next 80 years

Question and Anwser

1.Question: Which European country claimed the most territory in Southern Africa in the 1800s

2.Anwser: Europe

Independence and Equal rights

1.French rule in Madagascar ended in 1960, making it the first southern African country to gain it's independence

The end of PORTUGUESE rights

1.Thousands of troops were sent to crush the revolt and failed to do so

the birth of zimbabwe

1.Rhodesia's African population demanded the right to vote

equal rights in southern africa

1.The government began enacting laws

2.English South Africans controlled the government

3.The new government created a truth commission

Lesson 3

Life in southern africa the people of the region

1.The population of Southern Africa is overwhelming black African

Population patterns

1.Population depends heavily on geography and economics

2.Southern Africa's countries vary widely in population

3.South Africa and Angola are about the same size

Ethnic and culture groups

1.Africans are not a single people

2.people,groups like Chewa, Tsonga, Ambo, and San have a History throughout Southern Africa

3.Africa has many ethnic and culture groups

relgion and languages

1.Southern Africa influenced their people's beliefs

2.Portuguese remains the official language of Angola, and Mozambique

Question and anwser

1.Question: What is the main religion practiced in Southern Africa

2.Answer: The major faiths practiced in South Africa are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism

3.Question: Where in their countries do most Southern Africans live

4.Answer: They all live East in the country

5.Question:Why is life expectancy in Southern Africa so low

6.Answer: They have lack of rural health care

Southern africa today

1.Life differs from city to countryside in Southern Africa

Urban life

1.Migration to cities grow because of job opportunities

Urban GROWTH and change

1.The rapid growth of some cities has strained public utilities services

2.The regions cities have mix of many ethnic groups and cultures

3.It has many of people in it's population

Family and traditional life

1.People who move to cities must adjust to new experiences and a different way of life

2.In the countryside different ways of life remain strong

Southern africa today

1.Their wealth and wildlife may be the future for them

Health issues

1.Life expectancy in Southern Africa is low


1.Malaria is a disease that is found in several countries

2.Southern Africa has some of the highest rate of infant death

3.A major cause of death is HIV/Aids

progress and growth

1.Angola and Mozambique continue to rebuild the cities and towns

2.Tourism at national parks has grown

Help from other countries

1.Countries had made investments into the country

2.African farming communities struggle in poverty


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