Geological History By Luke inman

The Archean Era

The Archean era was about 1.5 billion years ago. The atmosphere back then was much different than what it was today, it would be toxic to us today. All of the life back then was bacterial. One event is where a large cloud of gas forms around the sun. it is thought that the gas is from a supernova.

Paleozoic Era

The Paleozoic Era took place about 2.5 million years ago. The atmosphere was still not quite habitable for humans today but plants were becoming widespread.

The Permian Era.

Animals in the Permian period were different kinds of fish and lots of insects along with pelycosaurs like dimetrodon and edaphosaurus.

The Silurian Period

Not many animals were there in the Silurian Period but some fungi.

The Mesozoic Era

The Mesozoic Era took place 65 million years ago. The animals in this era were dinosaurs.

The Cretaceous Period.

This period took place 65.5 million years ago. plants in this period were palms, magnolias, and barberries. there were different kinds of dinosaurs in this period as well.

The Jurassic Period

The Jurassic Period took place about 145.5 million years ago. There were a lot of dinosaurs in this period and marine life, plants were mostly made up of ones that the plant eating dinosaurs ate.

The Cenozoic Era

The Cenozoic Era and all of the periods in it took place around 65 million years ago. Life of these periods were saber toothed lions, giant deer, cave bears and lots of other animals we have today. The plants in this era were pretty much every plant their is today.


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