Little Suamico WI My Local Government

Brush Eaters LLC request for a temporary Class B retailer's license passed 3-0.

Thomas Fruit's son, John would like to rid 3.47 acres; no actions taken.

Motion to pay bills presented, passed 3-0.

Last month had no items on commission report. Railroad spur changes will be on the next month commission report.

The brush on the sides of the road is too long and some road signs are not very visible. Many ice storms have been reported and the roads are in need of salting.

The town has been cutting down brush so that the drivers in the area can see the road signs better. The town has also salted all of the roads in need of salting. Finally, in the spring, Little Suamico will be replacing some of the road signs. I agree with the decision of the town in replacing some of the signs because a few of them were in very bad condition and made it hard for the driver to correctly understand what the signs were telling them. I also think that the roads themselves are in very bad condition and need hole filling or re-painting of the lines on the roads. I feel that the town did a good job with the issue.

Little Suamico Town Hall

5964-A County Road S, Sobieski, WI 54171

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