#BlindianProject redefining BLACK x INDIAN RELATIONSHIPS.


The #BlindianProject was created in 2017 after a friend forwarded me an AJ plus article about racism against Africans in India. This wasn’t a one-off incident, rather one of many stories exposing India’s dark-skinned complex.

I'm well aware of the complexities between Black and Indian relationships, However, I prefer to focus on our rich, and diverse similarities.

As a father of two Blindian children in a Black x Indian marriage, this story inspired me to reflect on how trailblazing our “Blindian” unions are. And, why there even more important today.

The #BlindianProject is a crowdsourced gallery, sharing the stories of Black x Indian couples from around the world. What started as a group of people sharing their stories, has turned into a global community known as the #BlindianProject.

When we first got married, aunties always made a point of mentioning other Black x Indian couples they "knew.” It took 10-years to meet another person/couple that shared our experiences. The #BlindianProject is a platform to share our stories - Jonah Batambuze

If you're not one of the 2.2 million people who've watched Amit and Michelle Patel's wedding on YouTube, don't fret. The India Meets Ghana YouTube bloggers are due to release a book on their relationship, entitled The Faith Project, November 30th 2019. Tickets for the Croyden based event are still available. @xmixhpatx @bhups07

Would you date someone from a different culture that your family may never accept? Even worse, what would you do if asked to choose between the person you loved — or your family?@angelrania

Sound extreme? These are realities for those in relatively rare Black x Indian relationships. @_styves

It is our hope we can understand the mysterious force - or forces - behind the awesome power of love that can transcend our differences. @Roshnirao_

The #BlindianProject is a crowdsourced gallery, sharing the stories of Black x Indian couples from around the world. 2020 is our year. To participate tag your photos on social with the hashtag #BlindianProject — or email us on kampind@gmail.com.

Jonah Batambuze is a multidisciplinary creative with a focus on cultural design and community building. His work focuses on uplifting the underdog and connecting communities through online & offline activations. Batambuze co-founded KampInd in 2015, and his crowdsourced online campaigns have garnered media placements in BBC World News, ITV London, Metro U.K., BBC Radio London, The Times of India.

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