My Story Spencer Weijer

My Name

Some people change their names out of dislike or desire for attention. That choice it completely up to them, however, when they do that, I believe they run the risk of either choosing an amazing name that totally suits their personality, or choosing a name that is just for looks, and has absolutely no meaning behind it. Even with this as an option, I have never once in my life been inclined to change my name in any way.

My name is that of which can cause great confusion among people. It is like a chestnut, looking ugly and not promising than it actually is. However, despite this, my name is perfectly symbolic of me and my personality. I am, on the outside, very much like a chestnut, spiky and unappealing to interact with. But when you get to know me, I can be very friendly and kind, like the center of a chestnut.

I am very thankful for both my first and last name, and would not change my names under any circumstance, for they symbolize a different side of me, one that people don’t usually see, my true side. This side of me is the one I am most proud of, so I am especially proud of my name and what it stands for.


My family is one of many different hair styles. My brothers hair in like a stuck knot, always tangled and thick, impossible to undo. It obeys no brush or comb, and only water can tame its savage resistance.. My mother’s hair is like the waves. Long, flowing, comfortable, safe, smelling of love and compassion.. My father’s in nonexistent, a shiny reminder of earlier years.

However my hair is that of a mule. Unless broken, it will only do what it wants to do. If it is brushed or combed, it will simply flop back to its original position. If hair sprayed, it will wear off within the hour. The only possible way to get it to obey is a strange tincture of lots of hair gel and hairspray. Only then will it obey its master’s command.

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