Judaism Tzirany mejia

Origin of Judaism. Judaism was founded is Jerusalem is 200 B.C. as a covenant between God and Moses. This religion influenced many other monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Islam.


Special Holidays/Celebrations. A menorah is 7 lit candle used to symbolize the religious holiday during December, Hanukkah. In September or October (10 days after Jewish New Year), Jews do not eat or drink anything for 25 hours. Instead they reflect on their past and receive forgiveness from God. At the age of 12 or 13 boys and girls have a ceremony welcoming them into adulthood, this is known as bar mitzvahs for boys, bat mitzvahs for girls.

Major Beliefs. Judaism is the first major monotheistic to believe in God. Jews believe God will send a messiah which will lead them to peace. A messiah is a promised religious Jewish delivery.The Torah is the holy scroll of 5 books of Moses. The place of worship for Jewish people are at Synagogues.

Inside of Jewish Synagogue

Various sects of Judaism include Orthodox, Reform, Conservation, Reconstructionist.


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