Rowe Pottery hand to table since 1974

Above and below are samples of how the new website would open up: showing the beautiful products and process of Rowe Pottery.


1. Re-organize and re-brand Rowe's entire web presence by Oct./Nov. 2017

2. ROWE GRAND re-OPENING: MAY 2018 (to coincide with the Pottery tour)

These are the areas I would love to help you with:

Look at the Data: Let's run reports and see who our "typical" buyer is. Survey customers to see what they love about Rowe. Send the top 10 customers a gift for saying thanks, similar to gift baskets people give to neighbors before a big construction campaign.

SKU audit. Before we re-organize website, see what we want to highlight and what can go on a downloadable .pdf. Marie will need to hang out at Rowe and see how things work to understand what your values are.

Magenta software: Rowe Currently running on academic (free) version of 1.X this will no longer be supported as of 2018. So this is a good time to upgrade to Magento 2.X (or jump ship to new software) and rebuild the website and web presence (e-mails,Pinterest, Instagram, FB), soup to nuts; studio pictures, logo, feel and function.

I would love to work with xx, your existing web developer. I will make it look good, he will make it function. If you do not want to work with xx, then I can contract out with one of Magento’s certified partners and he/she can work with me.

Create new customer interest by writing free buyers guide on handmade in the USA. What to look for when purchasing handmade pottery (stamp, maker, place of origin) or write article: "Why are you eating that local food on plates far away?"

When Rowe reach about $1m in online sales, Rowe will need to invest in an Enterprise software system. This is when we are a "big Dog" like Anthropology, Pottery Barn, etc. Enterprise Software runs at about $22,000/month. (Don’t laugh, when I worked in apparel, our tiny company went from $1m-$5m in little kids golf shirts.)

People are nuts about mobile phones. Should we make web presence mobile first? Rowe App? sounds crazy but it is Think of the last time you went out to a website on your laptop. Now think of the last time you used FB or an app on your phone or tablet. Since we are rebuilding the website, let's make it functional for past, present and future customers.

Realign retail image to highlight USA, Handmade and Local. Forage the state of WI for handmade table top items such as linens, woven placemats, hand towels, stationary, hostess gifts and sell fresh flowers in store from local farmer. Emphasis on clean, beautiful, and honest. Highlight one maker/month on social media and in store.

Below are a few visuals for inspiration

What stores in Madison, Milwaukee and Door County should carry Rowe? Are we benefiting from wholesale accounts? How?

Cambridge draws in people for Camrock Park and Local Pottery Festivals. Let's build off of that.

Proudly made in America. Let's lift others as we climb and offer a curated selection of goods such as: Bushel & Peck, Pattywax candles , Blackbird press cards.

Who is our competition? Who is a good role model in other areas of manufacturing that we can look to?

Local Everything. Educate the customer as to why handmade and local = good stuff. Model conversations after organic food movement. Market to CSA members, Whole Foods Market, and Farm-to-table. Eat good = do good.

I would love to help you grow Rowe! I am available for independent contract work for 10-20 hours/week at $48/hour. This includes the licensing of all Adobe Suite CC software and my photography and studio equipment. My primary focus would be Rowe's web presence; firstly by rebuilding a website by October/November, then focusing on building your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and email presence. This would be a 6 month contract from May -November of 2017, with the option of extending to May 2018 for the new building re-launch.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet with you!

I think we could make great things together!

++ Marie 608-219-2191

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